Moon Knight surprised many viewers, but a hidden Easter egg turned that surprise into an education, for those who could find it.

Like moon knight As fans know, some shows and movies like to add little references to past works or the origins of their own stories throughout their runtime. Maybe an old prop from a classic movie will make its way into the background of a scene. Or, if someone’s feeling daring, they can cast a famous actor in a cameo scene that turns up to offer an extremely unsubtle callback to their catchphrase from another film.

Then there’s the occasional spooky Disney Plus series from Marvel Studios moon knight, which filled an entire comic book issue in its first episode. No, that doesn’t mean the director found a copy of a comic book and threw it at a blurry set for a laugh. There’s a real readable comic lurking in plain sight for viewers to access in its entirety. The thing is, it’s the kind of easter egg that wouldn’t even have worked a decade ago.


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Discovered by Reddit user Goalless, a scene in the museum during the first episode of moon knight features a QR code which happens to be more than it looks. While QR codes leading to additional reading materials are commonplace in museums and similar establishments, this one is a bit more meta. Rather than linking to a museum card or an ad for an overpriced subscription, this one actually takes viewers to a full version of Night Werewolf #32, which happens to be Moon Knight’s first appearance in a comic book. The code can be seen next to the sarcophagus that Oscar Isaac’s adorable Steven Grant points out to a little girl at the start of the episode, so get those phones out quick. (Or just check out the direct link here.)

Remember, though, this is Marvel. So, rather than just adding a link to a random pdf of the comic, they’ve also included a promo code for a discount on their Marvel Unlimited digital comic service. Of course, fans can just read Night Werewolf #32 and be done with it. But the company only had to turn it into advertising. The QR code is a way to tell that this is a really modern take on Easter Eggs. But the fact that it’s an entire ad really brings things back to the present. Hey, to be fair, it’s hard not to be impressed with their commitment to the hustle.

moon knight stars Isaac as Steven Grant, a seemingly unremarkable man who deals with dissociative identity disorder. Unfortunately for him, while most people with DID only have to deal with different personalities, his trouble escalates a little higher thanks to a blessing/curse from the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. The poor museum worker is thrust into situations brought about by his other identities, forcing him to willingly relinquish control just to survive.

After just one episode moon knight seems to have aroused the curiosity of many spectators. This little Easter egg is therefore a great way to inspire new fans to discover the character’s story, even if the producer claims that viewers do not need any prior knowledge of the MCU to enjoy the series. Of course, it could technically be an advertisement. But who among these weary masses wouldn’t seize the opportunity to plug their products into such a wide audience? Probably a lot of people, okay. But even so, at least Marvel is smart about it.

moon knight releases new episodes every Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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Source: Aimless/Reddit, Marvel

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