Monkey D. Luffy sits on the sheep-headed mast of his ship with the crew behind him.

The Straw Hat crew, from l. on the right: Nami, Sanji, Luffy, Usopp and Zoro.
Picture: Toei Animation / Fumimation

i can’t write on A play without getting personal, so here it is: I was sitting on an editorial about how Netflix Live Action A play was a terrible idea, could never capture the wonder of the original manga, etc., for months. Now that the show has finally revealed who plays the main characters, I’m extremely happy to eat my words before I write them because these kids look perfect.

The Twitter video the new cast made says it better than I do, so watch it first, and I’ll explain who these people are (and who they’re playing) below.

Iñaki Godoy (Come on, youth!, Who killed Sara?) will play Monkey D. Luffy, the exuberant captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, whose body is made of rubber after eating the Gum-Gum Fruit. He seeks to become the Pirate King by finding the legendary treasure, One Piece.

Mackenyu (Rurouni Kenshin: last chapter, Pacific Rim: Uprising) will play Roronoa Zoro, the second-in-command pirate hunter who uses a three-sword fighting style (he holds one in his mouth).

Emily rudd (Fear street, Hunters) will play Nami, a cat burglar and straw hat navigator who has a secret heavy heart.

Jacob Romero Gibson (Green leaf, All stand up) will play Usopp, a cowardly liar with a ridiculously long nose who always manages to rise to the occasion. He’s the Straw Hat sniper.

Taz skylar (Boiling point, Scoundrel) will play Sanji, the sweet, gallant chef with a curly brow who falls in love far too easily.

There are so many reasons I’m excited about this casting, mainly because they’re either perfect for playing these characters or acting like they’re perfect, which means the same for the show. Godoy bouncing in excitement couldn’t be more precise for Luffy – literally – while Mackenyu’s cool and almost grumpy demeanor suits Zoro perfectly. Skylar has the cool and charm of Sanji, Rudd has the attitude of Nami’s big sister, who has to play adults, while Gibson – well, someone who acts like Usopp would be incapable of being a professional actor. on several levels. , so, it’s OK. They all look so much like the characters, clearly because they’ve been touring for a while.

The other reason I’m so excited is that A play Creator Eiichiro Oda has long had ideas about the nationalities of his characters, if they lived in the real world and not the pirates-filled fantasy world of manga and anime. Luffy was from Brazil, Zoro Japan, Nami Sweden, Usopp Africa (of course Africa is not a nation) and Sanji France. With this casting, the live-action A play has clearly taken Oda’s desire for diversity to heart, and Oda agrees, offering this message to fans:

All of this is incredibly encouraging for a live-action adaptation of arguably the world’s most popular comic book. Operating for 24 years, with over a thousand issues, having sold over 490 million copies, all with the same author and artist.A play is undoubtedly an international success. There is absolutely no way of knowing how successful this version will be, or how much the manga can be translated into live-action. But now I’m really optimistic and excited for it – and really, really glad I didn’t write this article.

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