The online manga service Saizensen has started publishing a new short manga by author KAME, known for his humorous interpretations of historical characters and events with educational value, a new comic educational manga where the famous philosopher and German author Karl Marx is transported to a fantasy world and ends up teaching the inhabitants the principles of capitalism, while facing the trials and tribulations of being in a medieval world with magical and fantastical beasts. manga, Isekai Tensei! Marx-kun! is now posted on the dedicated 4koma Twi4 Twitter account by publisher Hoshikaisha as well as on the official Saizensen page.

This isn’t the first time the author has tackled the story with humor, as their previous work, another 4koma series that puts a light twist on historical figures from Japan and Europe, was full of the same humor and of the same educational intention. If only more manga authors had the insight to present the story in such a lighthearted and jovial way, the history lesson would have been much more interesting.

THE SOURCE: comedic Natalie