The Toei Animation hack continues to be one of the biggest news stories of 2022, with this attack on the organization not only causing new episodes of One Piece, Digimon, Dragon Questand other anime series produced by the company, but it also resulted in Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes, arguably the biggest animated film release of the year, to be delayed indefinitely. Now, a recent report has arrived that provides deeper insight into what exactly happened and how it affected Toei Animation and its ongoing projects.

In a recent report by NHK media, the hacking attack on Toei Animation was revealed to be a “ransomware” attack, which means those who organized the hack were demanding financial compensation to stop the attack. . Announcing last month that they had halted production of anime series as a result of the hack, Toei also noted that even with some of their best series set to return in the coming weeks, “the impact on production” will continue. apparently continues. Currently, Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes still doesn’t have an official release date, with the feature set to land in Japan later this month and set to hit North America this summer.

In an official release, Toei Animation had this to say as an update for fans:

“We are still investigating the detailed situation and working towards normalization. We deeply apologize to our fans for their concern.”

As things stand, the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes in the West has yet to be discussed by Toei, as it was originally slated to arrive this summer. Another movie that has yet to reveal whether or not it was affected by the piracy is One piece: red, which was supposed to arrive in August and finally brings red-haired Shanks back to the show, having not seen Luffy face-to-face since the Straw Hat was a kid. Considering the latest events at One Piece manga, Shanks’ return is one of the most anticipated anime moments in 2022.

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