Anime viewers have Toei-Animation to thank for some of their favorite shows, including One Piece, Sailor Moonthe dragonball franchisees, and many more. Unfortunately, their great success made them a target for hackers, who managed to infiltrate the studio’s internal systems on March 6, causing havoc along the way. With a heavy heart, Toei Animation had to postpone the release dates of several highly anticipated anime as they worked to rectify the mess left by criminal activity. Thankfully, the studio team has been working hard to make sure fans don’t have long to wait.

The hacker’s intentions had not previously been made public, however, Toei Animation has now claimed the event was a “ransomware” invasion – similar to a hostage situation, in which the studio would have to pay the criminals to stop their unwanted activities. It’s unclear how long the hackers had access to Toei Animation’s systems, as the invasion began on March 6 but wasn’t announced until March 11, just before new anime content ceased to be released. be released by the studio.

Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece

It’s still unclear whether Toei Animation gave in to the hacker’s demands or found a way to retaliate, but important data was altered or erased in the process. The affected Anime were immediately postponed, and after a month of waiting, the new release dates have finally arrived – and April 17th is shaping up to be a big day.

A piece fans may be frustrated watching reruns, but Sunday will finally start revealing new content, as episode 1014 hits screens on April 17. It’s been a long wait A piece viewers, as the show was already scheduled for a short hiatus just before the studio was hacked, and the final episode, Ygone from amato! The man who came for the Emperor of the Seaswas released on March 6.

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Digimon fans suffered a similar fate, as the series also went on a short hiatus in early March, to make way for the Nagoya Women’s Marathon coverage on Fuji TV. Fortunately, the Digimon Ghost game the range now looks like this:

  • Episode 22: Nightmares – April 17

  • Episode 23: Moaning insects – April 24

  • Episode 24 (final): distorted love – May 1

Delicious Precure party also following the trend of an April 17 release date, and Kokone Fuwa fans can see the girls in action again with Episode 6 titled School! Freak! Big panic!? Target: Fried shrimp! The final two episodes will air on April 24 and May 1 respectively to wrap up the first season of this adorable Magic Girl Anime.

dragon quest fans were left with notable suspense as Dai and Hadlar were in the midst of an epic battle at the end of episode 72. Luckily, Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure will return a little earlier than the others.

  • Episode 73: Hope in the flames – April 16

  • Episode 74: The resurrection of the great hero – April 23

  • Episode 75: The secret of breach – April 30

  • Episode 76 (Final): The march of justice – May 7

Unfortunately, it appears the greatest damage has been concentrated on the highly anticipated Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes film, which was due out on April 22. The hype has been building around this Shonen Anime movie since October 2021, but no update has been given regarding the new release date. It has, however, been officially stated that the correlation Dragon Ball Super The manga won’t hit shelves until after the movie is released, to prevent spoilers from flooding the internet.

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