Currently, the story of Yu Gi Oh! is told with the final season of the anime series, Yu Gi Oh! Go quickly, which features duelists testing their skills against aliens, which is hardly surprising for a series that has featured characters battling ancient Egyptian spirits, alternate realities, and dueling academies. Now a new manga story is about to come into the picture which further expands the world of Duel Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Storieswhich will see a female Duelist take over the reins of the series, following in the footsteps of Yugi Moto and the franchise’s other main Duelists.

Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Stories set to arrive on April 21 this month, following a new character named Sky Striker Ace Raye, who will seemingly fight to protect his family, while holding a sword that will somehow play a part in his duels. Although there is no word on whether or not this new Yu Gi Oh! tale will get its own anime adaptation, the franchise hasn’t been afraid to dive into new stories after a relatively short time.

The next Duelists story will be written by Shin Yoshida, who is not only known for writing various episodes of Yu Gi Oh! anime, he also helped bring episodes of series such as Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden, Big O, Zone of the Enders and Witch Hunter Robin to name a few. On the art side, the series is expected to be drawn by Naohito Miyoshi, who was a character designer for Yu Gi Oh! in the past, so definitely knows his way around the world of Duelists.

One of the main ways that Yu Gi Oh! has managed to retain its popularity since its first appearance on the scene in 1996, not only thanks to its lively stories, but also thanks to the card game which continues to attract players from all over the world. With actual tournaments still going on, it will be interesting to see what lore is added to the universe with this new manga story.

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