Super girl may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the last we hear from some of the characters. In an Instagram post, Nicole Maines appears to have announced a comic book based on her character Dreamer. Considering the still pretty sparse selection of queer comic book characters, a Dreamer comic looks amazing.

What could a Dreamer comic be about?

The basis of Dreamer’s character in Super girl fights for justice for oppressed people, usually foreigners. His arc blends in with the rest of the Superfriends, but basically, that’s all his business. A comic book right after Dreamer could revert to this in a way that a few spinoffs had before.

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In show, Super girl was a campy delight that followed a group of overpowered youngsters as they took on a new Monster of the Week, or in some cases, Monster of the Season. There is the core group of young people, and around them are recurring characters who appear a bit and stand out until they are relevant again or until they need someone. is in danger. There are stakes, but they are not that high. And the visuals… are doing their best. It all sounds like another series that followed the same formula, but it was in the early 2000s so instead of superheroes, it was vampires …

Dreamer Cartoon Image via 20th Century Studios

The Dreamer spin-off could be from Super girl What angel was from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The ingredients are all there. We have a powerful person with a past characterized by conflict and injustice. Dreamer is compelling enough to be her own main character, and the story is already rooted in her origin. She is a transgender alien who has been pressured into action when she sees injustice against someone she sympathizes with. It’s like a big green arrow pointing to an episode dreamer comic series fight for alien and gay rights on behalf of DCs of many different species.

Camrus Johnson did the same with his character of Batwoman, and it went pretty well. We’re hoping for the same success for a comedic Dreamer spin-off after the Super girl The finale of the series.

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