The founder of Gokada in Nigeria was found dismembered in his luxury New York apartment. His ex-assistant was arrested for his murder. Photo: Tyrese Haspil, 21, is escorted out of the 7th Ward by NYPD detectives on Friday, July 17, 2020, in New York City. Haspil faces a murder charge in the death of Fahim Saleh, a 33-year-old tech entrepreneur who was found dismembered in his luxurious Manhattan condo. (AP Photo / Eduardo Munoz Alvarez) / Jason Park, Fahim Saleh (CEO), Ruby Saleh (Photo by Kamil Bojanczyk for TechCrunch)

A former personal assistant to assassinated tech entrepreneur Fahim Saleh has been arrested by the NYPD for the murder of Saleh.

The 33-year-old businessman and founder of the best-selling Gokada app in Nigeria was found beheaded and dismembered in his luxury New York apartment last week.

Tyrese Devon Haspil, 21, has been arraigned and remanded in custody, faces second degree murder and other charges, ABC News reported.

Saleh’s sister discovered her brother’s dismembered body, which had been placed in large plastic bags. An electric saw always plugged into the wall. Saleh’s head and limbs were sorted into plastic bags, police told criminal reporters in New York, Reuters reported.

According to sources, Haspil may have killed Saleh in a trade dispute and the theft of tens of thousands of dollars. According to reports, Saleh discovered that Haspil had stolen money from him and set up a repayment plan, which Haspil did not stick to.

Authorities also revealed that Saleh also received stab wounds to his neck and torso, multiple incisions to his arm, multiple wounds to his left hand, a contusion to his left forehead and two back injuries, ABC News reported.

Typically, Saleh used a keychain to select his floor in the elevator, and on the day he died, surveillance footage shows a man dressed in black and carrying a bag following him into the elevator and acting as s ‘he had chosen a different floor. Yet when the elevator got to Saleh’s floor, the man followed Saleh and possibly knocked him out with a Taser.

The killer used a power saw to dismember the body – “an act that may have been interrupted when Saleh’s sister called from the street, causing the suspect to flee down the fire escape,” ABC News reported.

Detectives then recovered text messages between Saleh and Haspil in which Saleh accused the suspect of stealing the money. And they tracked his credit card, which paid for the electric saw used after the murder.

Gokada issued the following statement about its CEO: “A leader, innovator and inspiration, Fahim’s passion for Nigeria and its youth was immeasurable. He believed that technology could transform lives and improve safety and efficiency. He built Gokada to act on these beliefs.

Under Fahim’s leadership, Gokada has grown into Nigeria’s leading fully integrated delivery and logistics company, with outstanding growth and profitability indicators. Gokada was built with a strong and resilient workforce who have navigated and weathered challenges, while upholding their core values.

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Gokada is committed to the well-being of all of its employees and believes it is important to take this time to support team members as they go through devastating loss. “

Haspil’s court date is August 17.

Saleh, 33, founded the motorcycle appeal app Gokada. He had been very popular in Lagos, Nigeria until state officials banned all motorcycle taxis in February. The company has been funded by U.S. and Gulf investment and venture capital funds and has one of the largest motorcycle taxi fleets in Nigeria, Reuters reported.