As one of the Big Three, One Piece is one of the most popular series in anime history. However, there are many aspects where the manga excels.

A piece is one of the oldest and most successful manga of all time. The anime recently celebrated its 1000th episode and it looks like there’s still a long way to go before it comes to an end. It’s rare for a long streak to get better as it goes on, but according to fans A piece is just as good, if not better than 10 years ago.

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That said, One Piece is not immune to problems. The long-running series cut corners and made changes to the manga‘s story. While the anime is universally praised for the way it adapted Oda’s manga, there are still aspects of the story, characterization, and world-building where the manga is ultimately superior.

ten The anime dragged the beat

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Like every other long-running anime from the early 2000s, A piece has a rhythm problem. While it doesn’t rely heavily on filler to make up time, it still uses other tricks to extend an episode’s runtime. A piece often relies on 2-5 minute recaps that take up a large portion of each episode. On top of that, the anime often shows a reaction photo of each member of the Straw Hat Crew, which can take even longer. Although the manga can skim through the plot quickly, the anime tends to take its time, which can be boring for most fans.

9 Even a room has filler

Alvida from One Piece

Although most people think of naruto when it comes to filling, A piece is not immune to the use of filler arcs. While the filler in A piece is better handled because it’s integrated to take far fewer episodes, it still takes away from the main story arc. The episodes are already quite slow due to the pacing, so it can be even more annoying when important parts of the story are interrupted by filler. Since the manga does not use filler, fans can get the story without any filler.

8 The manga shows more details about the characters

Characters can get lost when the story is adapted from the manga. Additional character pages that delve deeper into the character’s personalities and likes are not present in the anime as they are in the manga. The manga also uses supplemental material called Fan Books to give manga readers a deeper perspective on the characters and plot.

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For someone who only watches anime, something like character weight and height might not seem like a big deal, but it makes the characters feel more real and gives them a sense of personality. Anyone who only watches anime is missing a lot of information about the world and its characters that can give a new perspective on what A piece is about.

seven Manga illustrations feature the best characters

When an anime adapts a manga, the artists animating the series need to know how to stay on the model. The characters should look like the ones in the manga, otherwise it can cause a lot of trouble. Like any other anime, A piece isn’t the best at it, especially in earlier episodes. Anyone who wants to see the characters as they were meant to be seen just has to go back to the manga. Oda’s character designs are top-notch, and his artwork really comes to life in the manga.

6 The manga captures the story Oda wants to tell

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While small changes in character design and story don’t seem like a big deal, they can change the way the story is interpreted a lot. Many of these changes are due to censorship, which is an unfortunate result of transferring media to foreign audiences. Besides slight changes in the dialogues due to the translation, the manga has not changed much. The manga features A piece’the story exactly how Oda wants it told – it’s the best version of the story.

5 It’s full of amazing comedy

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A piece can be riddled with serious and often violent moments, but that doesn’t mean it eschews comedy. Considering it lacks the anime’s music and voice acting, the manga is excellent with its comedic timing.

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In fact, manga tends to succeed where anime falls flat because anime can be too reliant on background music and sound effects – manga focuses on actual comic moments. Since the jokes are from the manga, it makes sense that the original would be funnier than the adaptation.

4 The manga has the best world build

One of the best parts of A piece is its global construction. No two places are the same throughout the Straw Hat Pirate’s Journey, every place is different – they have their own unique style and culture. Although the anime does a good job of depicting each Grand Line location, the anime lacks the vastness often found in the manga. The manga can be incredibly detailed when depicting the various islands and a lot of information gets lost in the animation. Although the manga panels lack color, they make up for it in detail and depth.

3 The story remains consistent

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Since anime tends to make small character and story changes, there can be a lot of consistency issues. This was especially true in the early 2000s when the anime changed distributors in the United States. Fans who have watched the series from the start have had to deal with countless censorship issues and voice changes. This was never a problem for fans of the manga since the story came directly from Oda.

2 The anime ends episodes in the worst places

Jailer Beasts in one piece

With anime pacing issues and the use of filler, episodes did not always end at the best times. This is sometimes evident when fights are saved for other episodes because the characters spend an entire episode monologue instead of fighting. Extended episodes are frustrating for viewers, but that’s never really an issue in manga. With the faster pace and lack of filler, each chapter has a much more satisfying ending even though it’s a cliffhanger.

1 Manga is better for character development

A piece is excellent for excellent character development. Each Straw Hat Pirate has had their moment of glory, and each of their stories is incredibly unique. While the anime does a great job of presenting these stories, the manga’s artwork, writing, and pacing really push character development to the next level. Oda’s artwork is so expressive that it really shows what the characters are thinking and feeling. This isn’t always shown in the anime, which makes important character moments fall flat.

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