After some of the best action sequences in the series, we move on to the final part of this fight. Fans are eagerly waiting for what happens in One Piece Chapter 1041.

Remember that there are 5 main storylines to solve before Luffy fights Kaido. This chapter addresses three of them without any constraints! We can’t wait to see where the narrative takes us with Momo and Zunisha. It will certainly be important at the end of the series.

We believe the next volume, One Piece Volume 102, will arrive in March. The last departures are in June, September and December. In this program, the next volume is scheduled for the first week of March. We are delighted with this book because there will be fights between Sanji and Zoro!

Chapter 1041

In terms of adaptation, One Piece is very dry. No updates found for One Piece: Red and the live action version. We hope to see you soon. Obviously, these are very exciting projects. The former involves Shanks, the latter has great potential to make the series more popular.

We are looking forward to One Piece 1041, especially this Zunisha story! So far, Momo and Yamato have learned a lot about the past from reading Oden’s Diary. We can’t wait to see what they find. Will we discover Joyboy’s identity? Only time will tell.

One Piece Chapter 1041 Original Analysis Release Date
I rest next week. This is one of the rest measures Oda-sensei took for his own health. After Chapter 3, let’s take a break. And after this break, there will be 3 consecutive chapters.

The first is the Japanese version. These raw scans were taken directly from the Weekly Shonen Jump page. We are looking forward to One Piece 1041 raws on February 23, 2022.

Once the original documents are made public, the scanners spend their time translating entire chapters. The process takes about 2 days. The digitized versions in Korean, French and English are expected to be released on February 25, 2022.

As for the official English scan of One Piece 1041, we know that it will be released on February 27, 2022, thus closing the month. You can find them for free on the shonen jump plus app, mangaplus, or visit the website. We recommend them because they are legal.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1041

Now, it’s easy to get lost in Joyboy guesswork. He may be a giant, so Zunisha is his companion. Maybe that’s why Lord Im has such a big straw hat. Or maybe Joyboy is normal and Zunisha is taller.

We have heard these theories that Zunisha is a person with a mythical animal. We may find out in One Piece 1041 comic spoilers, but the breakup will be excruciating.

Assault on life or slave

In the previous chapter, we saw Big Mom weakened by Lo’s big sword, then defeated by Kidd’s damn punk attack. However, she is one of the four emperors and probably the oldest. In the current chapter, we see that she is alive and well.

Awesome, she still has the energy to play another game. For Kidd and Law, that wasn’t the case. They are exhausted and if Big Mom gets up, they lose.

Things seem hopeless when Mom casts Soul Pocus to draw the spirits of people nearby. One Piece Chapter 1041 will show if they can still fight.

In her rage, she tore her souls for energy. 50 years of your life, or the rest of your life, as a slave! If they lost, life or slavery would go to Law or Kidd.

However, the two captains showed incredible courage: they were not at all afraid of their mother.

Has Big Mom been defeated?

As a last resort, Law had to remove another technology from his arsenal. Luo’s silence is based on the capacity of the heart. No matter who is in your K-Room, there will be silence. From the outside, you won’t hear them. By using this technique to trap Mom, he saves everyone from her threat.

Kidd shoots him with another fucking thug. This time his attack knocked him off the ground and into the armory. She destroyed the falling yokai and took most of the bombs from the arsenal. She fell into the hole Luo had dug earlier.

This chapter confirms that Mom is defeated. We can see Law and Kidd healed in One Piece English Chapter 1041, but we have to remember that Big Mom is not dead.

She was defeated, but she was alive. Still, she’s definitely out of the game now.