It’s the middle of the month, so it’s time for “One Piece Club,” our ongoing “One Piece!” That’s right, the big 100 and all you get is our One Piece recap, but that’s what you’re here for, isn’t it? In this month’s episode, we cover Chapters 901 through 924, covering the Reverie mini-arc and Wano’s first act. Wow, a mini arc and an entire act in one episode – Wano sure isn’t that long. Ah, my sweet summer child. We’ll be back in about a month to cover chapters 925-955, covering Wano’s second act (after which there will likely be 20 episodes dedicated to the third “act”). As always, you can read with us with the hashtag #OnePieceClub on Twitter. In the meantime, Walt and Emily will be back in a few weeks to discuss August in Shounen jump.

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