It’s the middle of the month, so it’s time for “One Piece Club,” our ongoing “One Piece!” In this month’s episode, we cover Chapters 831 through 865, covering a substantial slice of the Whole Cake Island/Big Mom arc. After talking a bit about the impending end of “One Piece,” we re-evaluate the arc and Big Mom herself. We also spend a lot of time speculating on something that turned out to have already been resolved. Whoops ! We’ll be back in about a month to cover chapters 866-900, almost Whole Cake Island finish. As always, you can read with us with the hashtag #OnePieceClub on Twitter. In the meantime, Walt and Emily will be back in a few weeks to discuss June in Shounen jump.

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Emily Myers

Emily is one of the hosts of the Manga Club podcast. Its main weakness is that it continues to acquire more and more books, comics and video games despite an already huge backlog. Find her on Twitter @1000Throws and remind her to read this series she’s been sitting on for five years before embarking on a new one.