Serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since 1997, Eiichiro Oda A play is one of the oldest and most popular manga series of the last quarter century. Earlier this year it celebrated its 25th anniversary by breaking the Guinness World Record for the most published copies of a manga, and now concept comic artist Ilan Manouach is celebrating its reach and impact with a “strip comic” colossal nicknamed A PLAY which includes the 50 volumes of A play from 1997 to today.

With 21,450 pages, weighing approximately 37 1/2 pounds and boasting a spine width of 31.5 inches, A PLAY is an absolute unit that is not meant to be read — just displayed. Luckily, his massive spine is awash with full-color illustrations that highlight memorable people and moments from the manga, like main character Luffy D. Monkey, the ship Thousand Sunny, and A play‘s many intense battles, and it’s packed in a sturdy display case that helps it retain its structure.

According to Manouach, A PLAY was created to be “considered an materialization of the media-saturated digital ecosystem of digital comics” and “exists only as an object of pure speculation”. He also notes that mega-comics explore the divides – and parallels – between comics’ “use value” for readers and “exchange value” for collectors.

If you are a fan A play fan with the desire (and shelf space) for this unique display piece, information on how to purchase A PLAY is available on the Manouach website. It is limited to a signed and numbered edition of 50, and is priced at €1,900 EUR (approximately US$1,899), excluding shipping.

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