Saitama’s story is one of the craziest that has ever been told in anime and manga mediums, with A punch quickly becoming a fan favorite thanks to his humor and hard-hitting action. Now the series has taken a significant step forward when it comes to sales of its print story, which has come to life thanks to the mangaka One and its story that continues to see Hero For Fun and his friends battle against the infamous forces of the world. association of monsters.

One-Punch Man’s The animated series was the subject of controversy among fans when the decision was made behind the scenes to switch from studio Madhouse, which created the franchise’s first season, to JC Staff, who was responsible for the season. of them. With countless fans believing the studio responsible for the second season was not up to the high standards set by the first season animation house, many fans are wondering if JC Staff will return for a potential third season. or whether another animation studio will be brought in to continue the hilarious, action-packed story of Saitama and his fellow heroes.

Twitter user Manga Mogura RE shared the news that A punch Currently has twenty-five million copies of his manga in circulation today, with twenty-four volumes of the manga series currently available that tell the story of a protagonist capable of defeating almost any enemy by unleashing one punch.

The anime and manga worlds won’t be the only place One-Punch Man will appear, as Sony Pictures announced in 2020 that the studio is looking to produce a live-action take on the series. With writers Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner set to bring the story to life, no information on the cast or release date has yet been revealed, but we would certainly expect a live-action movie to work. good for increasing the sales of the manga. .

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