2022-9-16 02:23

One-Punch Man The short animation independently produced by Mr. Yusuke Murata is too amazing!

Manga artist Yusuke Murata, known for drawing Eyeshield 21 and One-punch man, released a short animation “Go! Saitama” independently produced on his Twitter!

Short animation “Come on! Saitama” by Mr. Yusuke Murata

The short animation “Go! Saitama”, which Mr. Murata posted with the comment “I tried to make a short animation with my free hands”, begins with Saitama, the main character of One-punch man defeat an enemy!

Saitama runs as hard as he can buy meat at the supermarket rummage sale.

The scenes alongside the cars and the scenes riding the train are impressive. No doubt you will be surprised, “Oh, it’s an independent production!?”.

Will Saitama be able to get meat?!?

It is a short animation of 1 minute and 47 seconds, but please watch the high quality work which is full of satisfaction.

Mr. Murata commented, “It would be nice if I could study more and add voices, music and sound effects. I want to try not only One-punch man but also various works.

Looking forward to his next work!

Twitter reaction

  • The voices and sound effects were such high quality animation that I could play them in my head… It was amazing! Thanks…! I would be very happy if I could see a Eyeshield 21 anime drawn by Mr. Murata himself…!!
  • It’s really a great job! It’s really incredible that the heat at work is transmitted so much!! I want to see Eyeshield 21 the teacher moves.
  • It was so amazing I was scared lol. I could see something good. Thanks!
  • It was great!! I want to see more videos of Mr. Murata!
  • Do this with your free hand? Study more…?! After all, you are a genius. When I saw Dust Man’s design from Mega Man: Robot Master Field GuideI felt that “this person is different from the others”.

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