It is entirely possible to play and enjoy games from Blizzard Entertainment Surveillance like nothing but a fun and colorful hero shooter. However, the franchise has an extensive background lore fleshed out in various Surveillance comics, videos and other sources.

These stories inspired a Surveillance fan to create a short but brilliantly drawn manga about the Widowmaker character. The seven-page comic highlights the sadder side of Widowmaker’s backstory, reminding fans there’s more to the blue-skinned sniper than cold one-liners and service. light fan.


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Created by Reddit user Nebcrafter, the fan-manga appears to be inspired by a panel from the Surveillance comic Tracer: Highlights, published in 2016. At one point in the volume, Widowmaker visits her husband’s grave on Christmas, leaving a single red rose. The fan-made manga is expertly drawn and shows a similar event. It begins with Widowmaker visiting her husband’s grave during a storm, where she contemplates her husband’s death and the cold assassin she has become. However, Widowmaker realizes that she has lost the ability to cry along with most of her human emotions and that her job is the only thing she still cares about. Eventually, Widowmaker walks away, deciding that the old she is long dead.

For those unfamiliar with the details of Widowmaker’s backstory, she was once a Parisian ballet dancer named Amélie Guillard. Her husband, Gerard Lacroix, was a senior Overwatch operative leading their operations against the Talon terrorist group, one of the main antagonists of the story. After several failed attempts to assassinate Gerard, the organization kidnapped Amélie and brainwashed her into acting as a sleeper agent. After murdering her husband, Amelie returned to Talon, where she received the training and biological augmentations that turned her into a Widowmaker. The side effects of her augmentations and indoctrination were Widowmaker’s blue skin and the numbness of her emotions.

The Nebcrafter comic is kind of a highlight of this story. Through flashbacks, the reader sees Widowmaker’s former life as a dancer and her relationship with her husband, followed by her indoctrination and the aftermath of Gerard’s murder. Nebcrafter’s expertly crafted artwork also conveys the horror and tragedy of Widowmaker’s situation. While the panels depicting her brainwashing and the aftermath of her husband’s murder are disturbing and sad, the real tragedy comes from her lack of emotions. In Nebcrafter’s interpretation, Widowmaker wants to feel something about her husband’s death and what Talon did to him. However, she no longer has enough humanity to do so.

Surveillance fans can check Nebcrafter’s full manga on Reddit. Anyone interested in more of their work can also follow @nebcraftart on Twitter and Instagram or NeB-nebojsaobradovic on DeviantArt.

Surveillance is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One.

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