Twenty years ago, the comic artist Pat lee ran Dreamwave Productions, turning a successful Image deal into his own business, releasing Transformers comics. Subsequently, as sales began to decline, the news of a variety of scandals rtouched me and what seemed like a meticulously planned bankruptcy plan this would lead to millions in debt owed to freelancers while, seeing Pat and his brother Roger lee escape debt-free into a new, fully-funded business. I have posted quite a few stories exposing Dreamwave’s actions regarding freelancers, while they were living the high life. Jonas Weiland at CBR Prevented me from posting a picture of his Porsche and his million dollar apartment which was fair enough.

A certain Porsche

One of the hardest things was getting Dreamwave employees to talk, well first. They lived and worked in a state of fear, of contract, of duty. At least until the company went bankrupt. Pat Lee hasn’t worked for a major comic book company since. Just Dynamite twelve years ago. He spoke about these issues to Bleeding Cool in 2010 and gave soft-soap interviews everywhere else, but we haven’t heard much from him since. In 2011, he was designing characters for the anime Heroes of the train. and contribute illustrations to The Extraterrestrial Compendium. And that’s it, even though it seems to have a Instagram career breaking different toys together now.

Pat Lee’s NFT

Then we have the news that Temple of God, an NFT collectible platform, had introduced the gamification model for its limited edition art collection, featuring mythical characters such as Zeus, Athena and Hades, illustrated by Pat Lee. And a spokesperson for God Temple said, “We aspire to bring the story of mythology to life, and that is why we have introduced this new model of gamification. We are developing strategic collaborations with artists from across the world. around the world to create timeless mythical art god NFTs. Pat Lee is the main famous artist and we hope more artists will be inspired to join the ecosystem. ” The famous artist? Was Banksy not available? Damien hurst? Tracy emin? Well, based on the pictures on this website, he drew at least two characters.

Pat Lee is back for NFT comic book collectibles - of course he is
Pat Lee’s two NFTs

We would also like to note that in the official biography of Pat Lee, reference in many death PR-replication “news” websites which all state that a) Pat Lee is a super famous comic book artist although he hasn’t released a comic book in over ten years for, well, reasons, and specifically that Pat Lee “created the original North American Transformers Comic book”. Even though it was actually Marvel in 1984, when Pat Lee was nine. Always good to set the record straight …

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