A Pokemon fan makes an awesome Lucario animation using 3D software Blender to bring this Steel/Fighting type to life.

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the Pokemon contains some of the most talented fan artists, writers and other creators in the world. Over the years it has inspired many amazing tribute works based on the adorable, awesome, and even scary designs of pocket monsters. Now a Pokemon fan makes awesome Lucario animation using Blender program.

Blender is free and open-source 3D software used to render 3D models, animations, and art. It is not the first time Pokemon fans have used Blender to create models of their favorite Pokémon, but this is perhaps one of the most impressive creations. Lucario is a fan-favorite Pokémon, so it’s no surprise that it caught Blender’s attention. Pokemon Fans.


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Redditor Tedx11 recently shared a four-second video featuring a brief 3D animation featuring the Fighting/Steel-type Pokemon Lucario. Introduced in the Gen 4 games, Lucario is the evolution of Riolu, and both Pokémon resemble bipedal blue canines. In the Tedx11 video, a Lucario is shown standing inside a clear jar on a dark blue dirt-like surface. The creature goes through a short idle animation before raising its pointed fists and striking a dramatic, battle-ready pose.

According to Tedx11, this Lucario is in a jar so it can be delivered to the people it was designed for. They also say they cleaned up the 3DS model for Lucario and then used Rigify to help properly rig the model. Additionally, they reportedly used Mixamo to fix the animation and then tweak the lighting and general environment. This suggests that the artist did not create the base animation, although Lucario’s idle animation and battle poses are fairly well known. Not only does the Pokemon generally default to the same poses in merchandise, but Lucario often falls back to the same body language in official productions.

Fans may find Tedx11’s portrayal of Lucario’s subtle movements interesting, if perhaps a little overdramatic, especially towards the end of the video. Lucario’s appearances in Super Smash Bros. and more recently in Pokemon Unite gave fans some good information about how the Pokemon moves by standing still, fighting, running, or playing sports. However, Lucario also appears in several main lines Pokemon games and in the 2005 film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Particularly dedicated fans can also find references for Lucario’s moves in the various Pokemon manga, so Tedx11 relies on a wealth of data for this animation.

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