Anime being the moving visual medium that it is, it’s often surprising that some anime come out with incredibly subpar animation. What’s often even more surprising is when these shoddy animations are released for shows that have been incredibly hyped. Bad animation ultimately leads to a hard swing the other way, and so these shows face incredibly harsh reviews.

While many of these shows have decent animation scenes, more often than not there are a handful of scenes that stand out as exceptionally bad. This is what tends to stick with audiences and leave fans disappointed and sometimes even very angry. While these few shows are certainly not the only ones to have faced this criticism, they have earned some of the harshest reviews.


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The Way of the Husband at Home

The Way of the Husband at Home started as a manga launched in 2018. Although it is a fairly new manga, it quickly gained popularity as it portrays a former Yakuza boss who left his life of crime to be the husband of his wife. hard working woman. Much of the comedy in this series comes with Tatsu still giving off the air of a Yakuza boss despite doing mundane tasks such as grocery shopping.

When the anime was announced, many fans of the manga were thrilled to see the hilarious misunderstanding and moving hijinks. Upon its release on Netflix, however, fans were quickly confused. The show’s animation is much more like a slideshow or storyboard than an anime, with characters gliding across the screen and simply jumping from pose to pose. Many fans argued that the series couldn’t even really be called an anime, being more like an emotional manga.

One-Punch Man: Season 2

A punch Season 1 took the world by storm, helping to propel the anime into the mainstream for Western audiences at large. Saitama’s hilarious journey to becoming a hero who just wants a strong enough villain who doesn’t suddenly die was both endearing and awesome to watch. A big part of what helped sell the first season was the nearly flawless animation throughout that made the various fight scenes feel electric and as if the manga had come to life.

Due to the popularity of season 1, there was a lot of hype surrounding the imminent release of the second season. Many of the manga’s most famous arcs were soon to begin, and many favorite characters were to be introduced. Upon the release of the second season, fans and newcomers alike were upset to see that the quality of the animation had dropped significantly. The animation was much simpler and more basic, causing some fight scenes to lose much of their impact despite being major fights in the manga.


Berserk is an incredibly popular manga with a long history of being known as one of the finest works of fiction ever made. Kentaro Miura was hailed for his work on the series, and fans were incredibly saddened to learn of his passing in May 2021. Due to the intense popularity of the manga, many fans were waiting and very excited for the adaptation. 2016 anime that would set Guts in motion.

Where this adaptation went wrong was in its attempt to use CGI to produce much of the animation. The result was stiff characters, awkward moves even for Guts himself, and ridiculously bad fight scenes. The CGI in this adaptation was so gruesome that it soured the taste of CGI in anime for many fans of the medium.

The seven deadly sins

The seven deadly sins is a series about a ragtag group of former knights who come together to fend off demons and clear their name of a crime they never committed. What started out as a one-shot quickly grew in popularity due to the fun characters and how well they handled their relationships. Meliodus and his destined relationship with Elizabeth resonated with many.

The seven deadly sins got off to a great start, with many fans more than happy with the animation done by Studio A1. After the second season, however, fans noticed something was wrong. The anime had moved to Studio Deen for season three, and with it the quality of the animation had dropped significantly. Not only were the combats not as smooth, but the actual designs just weren’t up to the level expected for release.

These anime are proof that for an anime to please fans, it has to actually deliver the animation. Failure to do so simply leads to very angry fans who expect a minimum level of quality from the adaptation of their favorite works. Perhaps these anime, and their struggles to maintain fandoms, will serve as a wake-up call to any future studios looking to cut corners with a hot series.

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