by VALORANT The new Radiant Crisis 001 Pack might not have some superpowers to enhance your gameplay, but it will at least let you embody the style of your favorite comics.

The new Radiant Crisis 001 Pack is another step towards unmarked territory for gaming and includes skins for the Ghost, Specter, Classic, Bucky, and a new baseball bat scrum. VALUING weapon sets with unique themes and artistic styles allow players to enjoy a drastically different visual experience without affecting the core gameplay. Previous bundles like the BlastX bundle have shown how the VALUING developers are ready to push the boundaries.

“With a lot of our skins, the challenge is to try to take a theme or idea and interpret it appropriately in the VALUING artistic style, ”said Sean Marino, VALUING associate artistic director. “With Radiant Crisis (comic book), the goal has been reversed. We wanted to see if we could adopt an art style that existed outside of the world of VALUING and bring it into the game.

Marino said the team came up with the idea for the skin pack in September 2020 but had to wait for the community to get used to “different tonic” skins. BlastX was the first drastically different bundle and was deliberately released six months after the game’s release.

The developers originally created shaders “more in line with something you might find in an animated fighting game like Guilty equipment Where Dragonball FighterZ. “But an engineer working on Project L, Riot’s next fighting game, brought a shader for the team to experiment with and they realized there was “a pretty extreme disconnect between the weapon and the rest of the world,” according to Marino. This led to the shift to a comic book print instead of an anime concept.

The team referred to several eras and styles of comics and used other games with a “2D style in a 3D world” in recent years. The team landed gold by watching a video of an artist painting Gundam models as if they were made for a manga or anime.

“This weird juxtaposition of seeing something that looked like it was made for 2D animation but depicted as a physical object was exactly the kind of feeling we were looking for, and with a combination of styles and references we were able to create something that we feel is incredibly unique for a skin ”, said Marin.

The Radiant Crisis 001 bundle also changed the way the team produced skins. Marino explained that a 2D artist typically creates and draws a skin before passing it on to a 3D artist to create a texture. Due to the unique nature of these skins, they allowed 2D artist Sean Bigham to paint the concept directly onto the model. One of the VFX trainees also previously created onomatopoeia effects typically used in comics, which allows them to easily transfer the style into VALUING.

The Radiant Crisis 001 Pack is a Premium Edition pack that includes new skins for the Phantom, Specter, Classic, and Bucky. The pack also includes a new melee baseball bat. Each weapon skin has three upgradable levels, adding new visual textures, visual effects, as well as a kill banner and finisher at level three. The baseball bat scrum also has scalable textures and visuals.

The new pack will be released on November 2 and will cost 7,100 VP.

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