Reki Kawahara, best known as the author of Sword Art Online and accelerated world series, is working on a new light novel titled demon crest. The light novel was previously announced with the November 10 release date. Shiromizakana, known as K-ON! The character designer and illustrator of Kokoro Connect, takes care of the art of the novel. Shiromizakana, real name Yukiko Horiguchi, is the older sister of Sword Art Online illustrator, abec. She has worked on several Kyoto Animation titles, including the aforementioned K-ON!, Good star and Tamako Market.

Demon Quest also gets a manga. Koroku Takano will write the story, while Tomoe is in charge of the art. A trailer for the manga, which will be serialized on Hyke Comics, is now available and it features AliA’s “pulse”:

demon crest follows a sixth-grade student named Yuma who marvels at the possibilities of MMOs made with new technology. He participates in games with friends and is always eager to play more. One day, Yuma logs out of a game – but he soon realizes he’s stuck and passes out. He wakes up in a new world which is combined with the game world. Before he manages to find his surroundings, he comes across his classmate, but she looks different and resembles the monsters in the game. The first volume of the light novel will ship on November 10, while the manga will launch on November 4. Dengeki Bunko serializes the novel.

Source: comedic Natalie
© Reki Kawahara, ASCII Media Works

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