Romance is the most popular genre of manhwa, offering a lot of material for manga readers, so here is the best romance manhwa for manga fans.

Romance manhwa has become increasingly popular for its engaging artwork and heartwarming stories. Longtime manga fans flock to these Korean comics which are differentiated with colorful illustrations and digital platforms that read left to right. If you are already a fan of Japanese manga, here is the best Korean love series to start manhwa.

Cheese in the Trap, College Romance Manhwa

Here is Yoo Jung seeing Hong Sul during his graduation ceremony.

As a popular webtoon with a highly successful k-drama adaptation, Cheese in the trap is the perfect romantic series for manga readers new to manhwa. This webtoon stars Seol Hong, a hard-working student who is struggling financially, and Yoo Jung, the wealthy heir to the Taerang group who everyone calls Mr. Perfect. Seol’s life becomes more difficult after meeting and befriending Jung due to the manipulative nature behind his amiable facade.

Seol takes a break from college to get away from him – until the school suddenly offers her a scholarship that she can’t refuse in her financial situation. However, Jung immediately finds her at school and takes an interest in her, further complicating their relationship and intrigue. Cheese in the trap is a completed manhwa that can be read now on the Webtoon platform and physical copies are available on Amazon.

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim ?, Office Romance

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? is the perfect manhwa for office romance fans. Lee Young-joon is the narcissistic vice president of the Yuil group who finds out that his secretary wants to step down after working for him for nine years. Kim Mi-so wants to quit because her job as a secretary has completely consumed her life, while overtime has destroyed her personal life in wanting to find someone and get married.

However, Young-joon doesn’t want to let her go; he offers her a promotion and a chance to marry him instead. She declines his proposal, believing that he is only acting out of desperation in the hope of keeping her as secretary. Despite several communication problems, true love threatens to consume their complicated relationship. Fans can read What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? on the Tapas and Tappytoon platforms.

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Orange Marmalade, A Vampire Romance Manhwa

manhwa orange marmalade

For fans of vampire romance, the Orange jelly manhwa takes place in a world where humans and vampires coexist. After the vampires were hunted almost to extinction, a peace treaty was finally formed where vampires blend into society by drinking exclusively pig blood despite their desire for human blood.

Despite the peace treaty, humans still despise vampires and wish they no longer existed. This hostile discrimination forces Baek Ma-ri, the protagonist of the series, to hide his identity as a vampire. However, her whole life threatens to change when she meets Jae-min, a popular and charming basketball player with irresistible blood. Orange jelly is a completed manhwa novel that can be read on the Webtoon platform.

My Softly Raised Beast, starring a shapeshifter male actor

My gently raised beast stars a shapeshifter male character and a young princess named Blondina who accidentally meet when they are children. Amon is a member of the Divine Leopard Clan and soon becomes their leader so he can do whatever he wants. However, he is a rare and infamous black leopard, known to be particularly powerful and violent. Meanwhile, Blondina struggles in a castle that doesn’t feel like home and has royal siblings who despise her.

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As Amon acts as Blondina’s knight in shining armor and threatens anyone who harms him, their blossoming romance offers hope for finally achieving peace between humans and divine beasts. Originally created as a manhwa novel, fans can follow My gently lifted beast on the Webtoon platform with new episodes every Sunday.

I Love Yoo, starring two opposing brothers and a love interest

A very popular manhwa drama and romance, I love Yoo stars a poor and unlucky female protagonist named Shin-Ae Yoo. Given her unhappy life circumstances, Shin-Ae becomes anti-social and swears love. One day, she meets two wealthy brothers who despise each other after accidentally throwing their drink at Yeong-Gi. While Yeong-Gi has a bright, outgoing personality and immediately tries to befriend the withdrawn Shin-Ae, his brother is quite the opposite. Kousuke Hirahara neglects friendships in order to be able to focus on the family business, which makes him cold and self-motivated in his activities. However, Kousuke ends up hiring Shin-Ae in their family’s business as his fate becomes increasingly tied to that of the brothers. I love Yoo to read on the Webtoon platform with new episodes every Friday.

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