Online retailer Rakutenthe list of the fifth and last volume of Ryo hanada‘s Scoundrel manga shows the volume wrap jacket band, which indicates that Hanada will be launching a sequel to his devils line manga. The manga is titled devils line II: Gyakushô (Counterattack), and will debut in the March 2022 issue of Kodansha‘s Morning two magazine on January 20.

Hanada announced on Twitter in September that he was preparing a new series for serialization.

Vertical Comics publishes the original devils line manga printed in English, and Kodansha Advanced Media publishes the manga digitally in North America. Vertical describes the story of the series:

Tsukasa, a student, is saved from an attack by a devil, one of the many vampires who can blend in with the human population. Anzai, his savior, is a half-devil who harnesses his supernatural gifts as a member of a shadowy police task force specializing in devil-related crimes in Tokyo. As Anzai continues to watch Tsukasa, the two quickly form a temporary bond, one that Anzai says will test his iron rule to never drink human blood …

Hanada launched the dark fantasy manga in Morning two in 2013 and completed it in December 2019. Hanada drew a five-part parallel manga that was compiled in the 14th volume, which shipped in June 2019. Vertical Comics and Kodansha Advanced Media released the manga’s 14th volume in both print and digital form in March 2020.

The anime adaptation of the manga premiered in Japan in April 2018. TO HIDE aired the series with English subtitles when it aired. The company also aired the English dub as the first show of its “dubcast” initiative which airs voiceovers for the anime shortly after their premiere in Japan. Sentai Filmworks licensed the series for streaming and home video. Hulu Also streams the anime with English and English subtitles dubbing.

Hanada Scoundrel manga launched in Morning two in September 2019 and ended on October 21. Vertical Comics will publish the manga in English and ship the first volume on February 8.

Source: Rakuten