The attack of the Titans may have recently ended the second half of its final season, but the series’ brutal moments reverberate among viewers who expect the series to end next year in 2023. One of the first major deaths of This final season was definitely Sasha, the adorable member of the Scout Regiment whose stomach was often bigger than her eyes. Now, a major manga artist has taken the opportunity to honor the late Eldian after she died as part of the assault on Marley earlier in the final season.

Sasha has long been a fan favorite among the Scout Regiment’s many soldiers, with her introduction becoming a legendary moment in the series as she was reprimanded during basic training for chewing on a potato in front of her drill instructor. Unfortunately, Sasha found herself the victim of a gunshot from Gabi during the rescue mission to retrieve Eren from Marley, making her death one of the most tragic in the series to date. Although Sasha never had the ability to become a Titan herself, she remained a major player in the series and became a warrior within the ranks of the Survey Corps of Paradis.

Kumiko Saiki has shared new Attack on Titan’s Sasha art on her official Twitter account, mixing Kageki Shoujo’s art style with one of the Scout Regiment’s favorite characters by a large majority of fans who have followed the war’s story. between Marley and Paradis from the very beginning:

If this is your first time hearing about the story of Kageki ShojoFunimation has offered an official job description of Kumiko Saiki:

“At Kouka School of Musical and Theatrical Arts, 5’10” Sarasa Watanabe dreams of joining the prestigious all-female Kouka acting troupe.”

The attack of the Titans will end next year with four-hour specials, summing up the story of Eren Jaeger and his friends who have now been put between a rock and a hard place thanks to his genocidal plan.

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