October 25 marks the birthday of the titular heroine of Shikimori is not just a cutie (known in Japan as Kawaii dake janai Shikimori-san), a romantic comedy manga by Keigo Maki about a high school girl who can go from a cute girlfriend to a cool but dangerous beauty in the blink of an eye, and to celebrate the occasion, a preview video of the series has been uploaded to Youtube.

In the video (below), voice actor Saori ÅŒnishi stars as Shikimori, the show’s heroine, while voice actor ShÅ«ichirō Umeda stars as Shikimori’s hapless boyfriend, Izumi.

The original Shikimori is not just a cutie manga is serialized in Kodansha’s digital manga magazine Manga Pocket, and a english version is published in the United States by Kodansha USA, which describes the history of the series as follows:

Shikimori seems like the perfect girlfriend: cute, fun to be around, sweet when she wants to be… but she has a dark, cool side that comes out in the right circumstances. And her boyfriend Izumi loves to be there when it happens! A fun, fun high school romance with a sassy twist perfect for fans of Nagatoro-san and Komi can’t communicate!

The cover of volume 01 of the manga Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie by Keigo Maki, as published in the United States by Kodansha.  The blanket features Shikimori kissing her boyfriend's hand while loosening the tie on her school uniform as if preparing for action.

Shikimori is not just a cutie is also in the process of being adapted into a TV anime with the direction of Ryota Itoh and the animation production by Doga Kobo. The Shikimori is not just a cutie The TV anime is slated to air in Japan from April 2022.

Source: BD Nathalie

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