While gambling remains a form of entertainment largely reserved for adults, it can often be seen in movies, cartoons, video games, and comics. There are many examples of gambling in Anime and Manga with a young character, Akagi, trying to defeat the Yakuza, and he is only thirteen years old.

Other Anime characters who play include Tsunade from Naruto. Not only is she a terrible gamer, but she’s so irresponsible that she has the nickname “The Legendary Sucker”. Maybe writers are trying to discourage their young audiences from playing cards or mahjong.

There are plenty of other comic book and video game characters out there who enjoy a bet or two. Some of them do it for entertainment, others because it is part of their identity, and others because this is how they play with their victims.

Here are a few characters who for one reason or another like cards, dice, or just flipping a coin.

The Penguin

The Iceberg Lounge, or Iceberg Casino, has featured on DC Comics several times and has also appeared on the Gotham TV show. While this is meant to be a sign that the Penguin is going straight ahead and leaving a life of crime behind, the nightclub has been used in many nefarious ways and visited by the Gotham underworld.

The many back rooms were available for the game while it was in the hands of the Penguin and he enjoyed many nights of gambling and conspiracy. The Iceberg Lounge is where the Injustice League was formed in the Harley Quinn animated series. This is also the place where the Penguin loses his life to Quinn.

Two sides

Over the years, Batman and Two-Face have made many trips to Hell and this character loves to play with his victims.

Two-Face originally appeared in 1942 and was created by the late Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Bob Kane has suggested that Two-Face may have been inspired by Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde, and his split personality certainly confirms that.

The game enters the life of Two-Face through the use of its famous coin. Whenever a decision needs to be made, the coin is turned to decide whether good or bad will prevail. Oddly enough, Two-Face’s main enemy never plays. Unlike other playboy characters like James Bond, Bruce Wayne doesn’t seem to be a fan of casinos. Fortunately, there are a lot of themes that Batman fans can play. insert casino machines and games.


This Marvel character not only loves the game, but the playing cards are used along with his abilities to fight enemies. This X-Man and this mutant may have always been destined to love the game given his odd upbringing. Nicknamed the “White Devil” as a child, he was raised by the New Orleans Thieves Guild and learned to fly.

The power of Gambit is that it can transform the potential energy stored in inanimate objects into power. His favorite object to use is playing cards and once charged with kinetic energy he can use them to take out enemies with pinpoint accuracy.

Not only is Gambit a highly skilled card thrower, but he also knows his way around a casino. In fact, in some iterations of X-men he owns a nightclub and casino called the Creole Club and enjoys a lot of card games. You can enjoy the same games on your smartphone and grab a online casino bonus while you’re at it.

While Gambit is heavily tied to gaming, it will be interesting to see how Disney approaches the next film if he’s ever resurrected. Disney has already shown that they are not too keen on Marvel being connected to slots.

Theme games reserved for comics

There is a surprising amount of slots and other casino games based on comic book characters. It’s no surprise that baccarat fan James Bond has plenty of play options, but what is perhaps stranger is that Batman does too.

Marvel was once linked with many slots and video poker games, but once Disney invested several billion dollars they quietly moved to shut down the comic book themed slots.

DC and Warner Brothers seem to have none of the qualms of the family-friendly Disney organization and there are still Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash games to play if you like slots.

Online casinos also offer plenty of entertainment options based on movies and comics, and in addition to slots, they also offer poker, roulette, and bingo.


Thinking of casino games, there is also another character who bears his name directly. Roulette, like many comic book characters, has appeared in slightly different forms on television and in the comics.

Original Roulette first appeared 20 years ago and is a skilled martial artist who owns a casino called The House. It also houses a meta-human underground battle ring. Roulette also appeared in Smallville as an Asian mercenary, also with advanced martial arts skills.

Although Roulette has a casino, it also performs missions as a mercenary and is considered a supervillain. This is especially evident when one takes into account its underground fight ring where spectators can bet heavily on the results of the fights.

When it comes to real gambling, a lot of people wonder if there is a way to beat roulette, and in the early ’90s, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo found a winning formula to make it happen. Green Arrow is always looking for ways to beat roulette.

The witcher

This one is a bit of a cheat on its own. While The Witcher is a nice Dark Horse comic, it’s also a video game. It is in this game that the character can enjoy the game and it is one of the ways to increase his income.

In CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher, you can increase your money levels by playing dice poker. Indeed, learning and playing the game is part of one of the quests.


Other characters have appeared in comics playing card games and gambling such as The Joker, but overall the books seem to have reserved these activities for supervillains. Even when a hero is playing, he is a character who enjoys certain nefarious activities such as Gambit.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a supervillain or a hero to play online casino games right now. By simply using a smartphone and finding your favorite casino, you can play slots, poker or blackjack online in complete safety. Remember, however, that gambling is for fun and should be played within safe financial limits.