We took a look at Daredevil’s surprise story in the Free Spider-Man / Venom Comic Day comical some time ago. But now that it’s released today for Free Comic Book Day, August 14, we can afford to be a little more spoiler.

Because the comic also includes a daredevil story by Chip Zdarsky and Greg Smallwood watching the world revolving around Daredevils Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios.

FCBD: Daredevil Spoilers

This includes Jessica Jones following a case while Luke Cage looks after their daughter, following the deaths of several other private investigators.

FCBD: Daredevil Spoilers

As she gets a feel for who is behind the deaths, Wilson Fisk, Mayor of New York and The Kingpin of Crime. Who’s about to reveal the real brutal self he kept hidden, something he blames for Daredevil – one of them -.

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What did The Kingpin do? Who did he do it to? Is it a real or imaginary scene? It looks like the whole street-level superhero scene in New York City is dead in his hands.

This is a preview of something that is to come. Daredevil’s current series has Matt Murdock jailed for murder while Elektra assumes Daredevil’s identity on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Sounds like it’s brutal, and Chip Zdarsky will be telling that story with Moon Knight’s Greg Smallwood. Expect blood … The FCBD Spider-Man / Venom 2021 The comic will be available as part of Free Comic Day today, August 14. Chances are your comic book store has a copy or two.

(F) Al Ewing, Ram V. (A) Bryan Hitch
Free Comic Book Day is the perfect opportunity to dive deep into the Marvel Universe with exciting new stories and adventures alongside some of Marvel’s most acclaimed creators – and this year, Marvel brings you the most acclaimed stories. biggest and boldest yet! With Spider-Man and Venom! Exclusive Original Material Rating: Teen In Shops on Free Comic Book Day 2021!

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