The Man of Tomorrow was one of the greatest superheroes introduced over the decades via North American comic books, so it’s no surprise to see that Superman is one of the first heroes to receive his own manga series. Last year, “Superman Vs. Meshi” burst onto the manga scene focusing on the last son of Krypton as he visited different restaurants in Japan and ate some of the food there. It seems, however, that Superman’s adventure in the world of Japanese restaurants is coming to an end with the manga announcing its finale.

North American comic characters are slowly but surely getting stories in the manga medium, one of the most popular being Deadpool: Samuraiwhich sees the Marvel Merc With A Mouth battling villains while also having the option to team up with none other than My Hero Academia Everything could. On the DC Comics front, the comics company has already seen its own unique manga stories in the stands, one featuring Batman and the Justice League and another focusing on the bizarre tale of the Joker attempting to raising a baby Batman in a weird twist. of fate.

Twitter user Manga Mogura RE has shared the news that “Superman Vs. Meshi” will be ending next month on June 14, seeing Superman team up with Batman to conclude his journey through the world of Japanese cuisine with a new cover. posted on celebrating the occasion:

(Photo: DC Comics & Tsuburaya)

The medium of manga has become a sales juggernaut in North America, creating major competition for Marvel and DC Comics, so it only makes sense that these comic companies would tell stories in the medium that originated in Japan. With the COVID-19 pandemic helping to drive up manga and comic book sales, it doesn’t look like the sales numbers are going to drop any time soon.

While no new manga has been announced to feature Superman to replace this series, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the Man of Steel make a return to this medium.

Are you sad to see the first Superman manga come to an end? Do you think we’ll see another manga series created for Krypton’s Last Son? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of DC Comics.

By Manga Mogura