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One Piece Anime Extends Hiatus After Ani...

Toei Animation announces some of its biggest animes, including One Piece and Digimon, will extend their hiatuses after the studio was hacked. Toei Animation announces its anime One Piece and Digimon will extend their hiatuses after the studio was hacked earlier this month. Toei Animation has produced One Piece since 1999 and has made a […]

One Piece Chapter 1041 Spoilers reddit, ...

After some of the best action sequences in the series, we move on to the final part of this fight. Fans are eagerly waiting for what happens in One Piece Chapter 1041. Remember that there are 5 main storylines to solve before Luffy fights Kaido. This chapter addresses three of them without any constraints! We […]

Popular comic book characters who change...

Many times popular comic book characters have been swapped out during their live debut. These popular comic book characters at least got it right. jimmy olsen Mehcad Brooks Superman’s best friend first appeared in the comics in 1941. He would go on to become a recurring character in most Man of Steel adventures. When CBS […]

Disney Animation Announces Disney+’s Moa

Disney+ Moana Spin-off series gets “brilliant” new director in animation veteran David G. Derrick Jr. Set Sail in 2024, previously announced Moana, the series explore new stories with Moana (Auli’i Cravalho) as the guide goes beyond the reefs of Motunui following the events of the 2016 film. Disney Investors 2020, Walt Disney Animation Studios Creative […]

What is better? Anime or Manga?

Your lie in April is a romantic manga illustrated and written by Naoshi Arakawa. It was serially published in Kodansha’s monthly magazine Shonen and has been adapted as an anime. Originally, it was a one-shot comic that Arakawa used to enter a contest. His inspirations were Beck and Nodame Cantabile. The success of the manga […]

One-Punch Man Manga reaches new sales mi...

Saitama’s story is one of the craziest that has ever been told in anime and manga mediums, with A punch quickly becoming a fan favorite thanks to his humor and hard-hitting action. Now the series has taken a significant step forward when it comes to sales of its print story, which has come to life […]

Netflix doesn’t understand the allure of

With the release of Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the anime “Cowboy Bebop,” it looks like the company hasn’t quite learned its lesson when it comes to live-action versions of the classic anime. Despite the poor critical reception these adaptations have received from fans and critics alike, Netflix still seems to insist on pushing back more, […]

Comic book makers share Africa’s story

For many outside the continent, Captain Africa, with its solar-powered cape allowing it to fly at high speed, was the first African superhero comic to go global. Created by Ghanaian Andy Akman and published by Nigeria’s African Comics Limited, Captain Africa spent the late 1980s on a mission to “fight the dark and evil forces […]

Kamen Rider Kuuga manga ongoing offered ...

StoneBot Studios also offers Kamen Rider Zero-One comic series The “Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary and Beyond” panel at the Comic-Con Special Edition event announced on Saturday that StoneBot Studios will offer the ongoing Hitotsu Yokoshima program Kamen Rider Kuuga manga in English next year. The panel announced that more manga could come in the future. […]

DVD/Blu-ray: Revue de Belleville Rendezv...

Why The Triplets of Belleville has been renamed Belleville Rendezvous in the UK is one of the many questions left unanswered by this reissue. With what happened to French director Sylvain Chomet’s animation career, which seems to have run out of steam after his adaptation of Jacques Tati in 2010 the illusionist. The latter, although […]

Netflix’s One Piece cast revealed, perfe

The Straw Hat crew, from l. on the right: Nami, Sanji, Luffy, Usopp and Zoro.Picture: Toei Animation / Fumimation i can’t write on A play without getting personal, so here it is: I was sitting on an editorial about how Netflix Live Action A play was a terrible idea, could never capture the wonder of […]

Julius Avery to direct manga adaptation ...

Last year, Sony Pictures hired Marc Guggenheim to write the screenplay for an adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series. Gantz, and now the project has taken another step forward, as Julius Avery has been hired to take the helm. Avery once directed the crime thriller Old scoundrel (watch it HERE) and the WWII horror […]

“Big Mouth” and other adult animated ser

There are many areas for growth in television these days, but few are as busy or offer as much variety as adult animation. Already the format of many of the most entertaining shows of the recent past – “Bojack Horseman”, “Bob’s Burgers”, “Rick and Morty”, “Archer”, “Tuca & Bertie” – it has only grown. magnitude. […]

Netflix You Star Tells Viral Manga Video

Netflix hasn’t shied away from conquering the small screen with both its live-action TV series and the number of anime the streaming service has added to its roster in recent years, the two even being combined with the likes of. Cowboy Bebop, One Piece and Avatar The Last Airbender to name a few. Now Netflix […]

50th Anniversary of the Manga and Anime ...

Since the 1960s, Lupine the 3 has been a major part of the anime scene, spawning countless TV series and feature films in the decades since The Gentleman Thief. Originally created by the late manga artist Monkey Punch, the series recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and a number of big names in the anime and […]

“Bright: Samurai Soul”: A hardened Ronin

Protect and Serve – notions that connect a modern-day police officer and a Meiji-era samurai, as well as a narrative bridge between David Ayer’s 2017 live-action Netflix movie. Shiny and the brand new animated spin-off from Kyohei Ishiguro, Brilliant: samurai soul. While ShinyDaryl Ward (Will Smith) is a rough cop in a modern world where […]

CJ ENM and Toei Animation in co-producti...

Asian entertainment heavyweights CJ ENM and Toei Animation are teaming up to co-create films and TV series for the increasingly competitive global media market at a time of high demand for premium Korean and Japanese content. The two companies will leverage their distribution prowess in their respective markets, and leverage their extensive content libraries to […]

CJ ENM and Toei Animation join forces fo...

Korean entertainment conglomerate CJ ENM has entered into a strategic partnership with Japanese company Toei Animation. The deal is seen both as a content production alliance that spans motion picture television series and animation, and as a distribution pact that allows companies to access each other’s markets. Both companies have extensive libraries of existing content. […]

Kei Toume and Hiroshi Motomiya each laun...

This year’s 21st issue of Shueisha‘s big jump magazine revealed on Wednesday that Hiroshi Motomiya and Kei Toume will both launch a new manga in future issues of the magazine. Motomiya’s new manga is titled Ninomiya Kinjiro, and it will launch in the magazine’s next issue on October 20. The historical manga will focus on […]

Harvey Awards inducts manga creator Rumi...

NYCC to host virtual awards screening on Friday The organizers of the Harvey Awards, which recognize outstanding work in comics and sequential art, announced on Wednesday that they would induct manga creator Rumiko takahashi as one of five new members of their Hall of Fame this year, alongside Bernie Wrightson, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Barry Windsor-Smith […]

7 comic book references from the Netflix...

by netflix daredevil The series opened up the character to a more mainstream audience during its three seasons and thus shed light on his comics. The show certainly drew on several narrative cues from some of Daredevil’s best comics, and some of these served as clever references and nods to the source material as well. […]

One-Punch Man confirms next manga releas...

Man with a fist is currently in limbo when it comes to its animated series, with the second season ending in early 2020 with a cliffhanger ending that saw Saitama continue his one-sided battle with the Monster Association, but thankfully the manga has continued to tell the story. story of the hero for fun. Recently, […]

One Piece, the world’s best manga, relea

~~ ~ Eiichiro Oda’s manga A PLAY (published by Shueisha Inc.) took a significant step forward by releasing its 100th volume on September 3, 24 years after it was first published in 1997. According to Oricon Inc., a website that provides statistical information on the entertainment industry in Japan, 1.173 million copies were sold in […]

From G.I. Joe to Zynga: the three-decade...

Christy Marx wrote stories that shaped a million childhoods, but you’ve probably never heard of her. Any child of the ’80s or ’90s has almost certainly heard of the cartoons she worked on, however: between Jem and the Holograms, G.I. Joe, Spider-man and His Amazing Friends, Mighty Max, ReBoot and a dozen others, Marx‘s writing […]

Cowboy Bebop # 1 Comic Book Reveals All ...

Cowboy Bebop is one of the best periods of anime ever, and Netflix is ​​doing a live-action adaptation to boot. So is it any wonder that Titan Comics made a comic book adaptation of it? Live action? Lively? Animated live-action? Cover Artist: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. Titan Comics officially announces its comic book adaptation of Cowboy […]

Wynd number 10, Black’s Myth number 3 an

Superman and Authority Number 3 (Image: DC Comics) Welcome to my comic book review rundown for the week of September 15, 2021. I ended up reading a lot of comics this week. I will talk about Wynd number 10, Black’s myth number 3, Save yourself number 4, and much more! I’m going to open talking […]

10 animated comic book adaptations you m...

Adapting comic book stories and characters isn’t new to the entertainment industry. Before the MCU, there were plenty of other Marvel shows and movies that helped introduce these larger-than-life heroes to the world. And it was no different for so many DC, Image, and Dark Horse Comics properties that fans have come to know and […]

What if… from Marvel? is a whole new er

Legend has it that the folks at DC Comics wanted Christopher Reeve’s Superman and Michael Keaton’s Batman to meet in a movie. However, this crossover was ultimately rejected because the executives didn’t believe audiences would understand the film, especially since they must have seen both the Batman and Superman film series. Fast forward to 2021, […]

“Witches of the East” in theaters July 1

After debuting July 9 at the Film Forum, Julien Faraut’s live-action/animated documentary, The Witches of the Eastwill be released in select theaters in the United States and Canada starting July 16. The film follows the Japanese women’s volleyball team, formerly a group of women textile workers from Osaka, on their way to the 1964 Olympics […]

Giant manga Attack On Titan breaks Guinn...

The giant Attack On Titan manga is officially the world’s largest published comic book. (Photo: Twitter / GWRJapan) Earlier in March, we announced that the manga Attack On Titan has released a gigantic edition, considered the greatest comic book in the world. This record was officially confirmed by Guinness World Records on April 13, 2021 […]

‘Lupine III’ Director Introduces Classic

For writer / director Takashi Yamazaki, Lupine III: the first was an amazing opportunity, allowing him to create his own adventures for a classic manga character. Based on a series created by Monkey Punch, which dates back to 1967, the film follows a charismatic thief, as he fights with the Nazis for control of a […]

The first new Death Note manga chapter i...

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new one Death threat manga chapter. Since the manga ended in 2006, the only manga-related content we’ve had was a one-shot in February 2008, until now. Last year it was announced that after 12 years a new Death threat single chapter written by Tsugumi Ohba and […]

6 Hollywood scams from Japanese anime an...

With superhero movie series like “Spider-Man” and “Batman” made and remade to death, it has become a cliché to say that Hollywood is running out of ideas. So what do you do when you run out of ideas? Get them from someone – or in the case of Hollywood – somewhere other. For many years […]