It seems like no matter the year, there’s always a zombie story buried somewhere in this era of comics. From the very early days of horror and monster pulp to the modern era, from original works to parody spin-offs involving your favorite childhood characters, zombies have infected every inch of pop culture. and continue to do so, no matter how saturated the market gets. Readers just can’t get enough of the flesh-eating hordes of undead.

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The spectrum of zombie comics has grown dramatically over the decades. For any subject imaginable, there is a zombie comic book to follow it.

ten Classic series The Walking Dead has a dark and subtle outbreak

A pop culture sensation created by famous writer Robert Kirkman, The walking dead is often considered the pinnacle of zombie fiction. Probably the most famous series of the last ten years, The walking dead the franchise has spread to television series and video games.

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The most fascinating part of Kirkman’s zombie work is that there hasn’t been a full-scale epidemic where armies of the living dead have spread across the world. Instead, everyone is already infected with the virus. Each human in the series is currently infected with some form of pathogen of unknown origin and once they die they are transformed into a zombie.

9 Do you want to see the heroes of your childhood die? Read Marvel Zombies!

Promotional photo Avengers Magneto Marvel Zombies

What if classic Marvel comic book characters got infected with a zombie virus? The Marvel zombies The series focuses on a virus called Hunger that first infects the Sentry, which quickly spreads it to the Avengers. Soon after, Marvel heavyweights such as the Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the X-Men were infected, plunging New York City into an apocalyptic nightmare.

Before Nick Fury and SHIELD can respond, Quicksilver is turned and uses his speed to circle the globe, rapidly increasing the rate of infection. What follows is the rapid collapse of human society, and soon after, the universe.

8 Scooby Doo? Zombies? Sure why not!

Want to watch your favorite childhood characters battle hordes of undead in a bloody and horrific comic book? Apocalypse Scooby has you covered.

Set in a different timeline than what fans are familiar with, in this story no member of the mysterious gang knows each other. Daphne hosts a mystery show with Fred as the cameraman, Velma is a scientist for a government organization, and Shaggy is a trainer for the Smart Dog program, with Scooby as the subject. Velma reveals the work of a group known as the Four who developed nanites capable of controlling the human mind. When the nanites are released into the population, the gang must work together to survive.

7 Sweet Home is a webtoon featuring unique zombies

sweet home webtoon

Located in a Korean building, Sweet home is a comic book series that follows surviving residents as a strange virus quickly mutates their infected neighbors into various grotesque forms.

The disease begins when people speak of voices that prompt them to give in to their craziest desires. Then comes the nosebleeds. Finally, those who are too weak to fight the voices in their heads are transformed into monsters that mirror their desires, like a voyeur who grows a huge stretchy eyepiece or a hungry resident who becomes a cannibal.

6 DCeased is DC’s perfect storm of terror

Batman DC Discontinued Feature

After a long battle with Darkseid, the Justice League emerges victorious and demands his surrender. As Darkseid tries to escape, the League discovers he has kidnapped Cyborg. After discovering the desired element of the anti-life equation residing in Cyborg’s body, Darkseid accidentally corrupts the data and creates a new virus that attaches itself to Cyborg.

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When Cyborg returns to Earth, the virus spreads from him to every piece of technology that has an Internet connection. Anyone viewing the data is instantly driven mad – and compelled to consume flesh. What happens next is a full red alert situation as the League attempts to contain the virus.

5 Brilliantly original zombie apocalypse can be found in Deadworld

Deadworld comic

Dead world is considered by many to be the king of zombie stories. Originally published by Arrow Comics and subsequently bouncing between Caliber, Image, Desperado and IDW, Dead world tells the doomsday scenario of an army of zombies taking over the world, led by an overlord known only as King Zombie.

Adored by fans for its supernatural direction, already setting it apart from the sci-fi themes that many zombie stories follow with antagonists equivalent to zombies, the long-running series also charts the rise of the Zombie King through numerous ones. -shots that flesh out every last detail in the world.

4 In the Vampire State Building, the living dead take control of the Empire State Building

Vampire State Building

Although they are referred to as vampires by the comics, they still act like zombies: the monsters in Vampire State Building are dead creatures that consume human flesh. In this story, an American soldier and his friends are trapped on the roof of the Empire State Building after a horde of undead rushes in, killing everyone on every floor below and leaving the protagonists to fight their way through. way to safety. With rumors of some form of “vampire god” looming on the horizon, the stakes only increase with every page.

3 I Am A Hero manga features a realistic epidemic

The I am a hero The manga series follows the outbreak of a zombie plague across Japan. As I am a hero follows the emergence of creatures called ZQN, this creates a very realistic setting for an outbreak as protagonist Hideo Suzuki, armed only with his shotgun, tries to survive. Other episodes of the series take place in Osaka, Ibaraki, and Nagasaki, focusing on various other characters throughout the same outbreak from its very beginning.

2 Zombies Calling is a fun and relaxed apocalypse

Call of zombies is a more comical zombie story, playing on the massive presence of zombie fiction in the media by centering the action around a character who is familiar with all forms of zombie trivia. Located in Canada, the infection is at a university as college student Joss uses her knowledge of classic zombie movies to lead her friends, Sonnet and Robyn, to safety. Mocking the many tropes of zombie and horror movies in general, Joss doesn’t hesitate to fight the horde.

1 Night of the Living Dead: the Beginning is the Origin of a Classic

Comic Night of the Living Dead

For many, Night of the Living Dead is the focal point of modern zombie cannon, and for good reason. It is credited as the zombie movie that both created and solidified many tropes still seen today. Years after its release and many spinoffs and sequels later, the classic George Romero film received a prequel comic book to tell the tale of the onset of the infection. Detailing the rise of the undead horde, this comic is loved by fans as an accent of the original film.

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