Thief, charmer, death, hero. The mysterious x-men known as Gambit is all of these things and more. From being adopted into the Thieves Guild as a child to being the only hope for peace between the guilds, Gambit has often felt the weight of expectation weigh heavy on him. After tragedy and exile, he found his way to the Xavier Institute, where he proved a valuable member of the X-Men, X-Factor, and Excalibur while commanding admiration for his chivalrous nature and his relativity over the years.

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While his mysterious, turbulent past seems to haunt him forever, Gambit presents himself as a complex hero still seeking atonement, haunted by past decisions, sticking to his honor-bound code of ethics, and living his life by his own terms. These scenarios reflect Gambit at its core, showing how far it has come since its inception and proving to be the best of its scenarios.

Strange X-Men #266-267 (1990)

Gambit and Storm fight their way through a swamp in the Uncanny X-Men comics

This origin story finds Ororo Munroe, aka Storm, caught in the clutches of the traitorous Shadow King after being turned into a preteen child by the Orphanmaker. While freeing stolen artwork, a chance event sees Gambit come to Storm’s aid, recognizing her as both a thief and a damsel in need of rescue. Realizing that the only chance for survival is through teamwork, Gambit and Storm form a unique bond that will serve them well over the next three decades.

Inducted into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame in 2015, writer Chris Claremont will co-create Remy Etienne Lebeau aka Gambit, the X-Men’s explosive Cajun card thrower. Instantly establishing key personality traits like being a southern-styled gentleman with a silver tongue who defends his own, Gambit would go on to endear himself to fans around the world, naming this story one of his best.

Bet #1-4 (1993)

Gambit jumps on the cover of Gambit #1

Things get wild in Gambit’s self-titled debut series, introducing the character dealing with the ramifications of Rogue’s first profession of love and the return to life of his ex-wife Belladonna Bordeaux and her brother, Julien. But unfortunately, Gambit must also source the elixir of life from the outside, Candra, and its stakes may even be too high for Marvel’s resident gambler extraordinaire.

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Veterans Mackie and Weeks combine to craft a vital narrative in the Gambit mythos, as he must juggle women in love with his past and present to prevent an all-out war between thieves and murderers. Playing to right past wrongs and ultimately branded a traitor and an outcast, Gambit emerges as an unenviable winner in this top-notch Marvel comic book entry for the fan-favorite rapscallion.

Wolverine & Gambit: Victims #1-5 (1995)

Wolverine looses his claws on Gambit lying on the ground

Released in the mid 90’s x-men the craze for comics, Victims sees villains uniting for revenge in this plunge into darkness that is Wolverine and Gambit’s psyche. Out of all the quality teams in Gambit Wolverine, this story is the best and one of the best storylines in Gambit.

Using Victorian-era London as the backdrop, masters Loeb and Sale team up in this macabre tale that builds intrigue and drama like an avalanche. This psychological thriller establishes more history between the two greatest loners, with the most checkered and disturbing pasts, in the X-Men and delivers a damn good story.

Gambit #1-4 (1997)

Gambit on the cover of a comic book

Battling gangsters, denizens of hell, and himself, this splendid four-issue limited series sees Gambit searching for a measure of divine redemption for his past transgressions. Under the guidance of ally and healer Aunt Mattie Baptiste, Remy finds himself rescuing and then protecting the fallen, Anielle, from the demonic Stoker and his vile hell.

Creators Mackie, Kavanaugh, and Janson present a gripping story for the Cajun Rajun, touching on all of his core character traits as a romantic robber knight whose moral compass may point in various amoral ways but always ends up on Hero.

Strange X-Men #350 (1997)

The X-Men with Gambit up front in Uncanny X-Men #350

the Gambit Trial The storyline finds the X-Men held hostage by the mysterious Erik the Red, forced to attend the trial of their friend and teammate Gambit. Since Snape kissed her, she has struggled with growing fear of her absorbed memories and inner disgust, but even the love of her life may be unable to forgive her as all her sins are laid bare.

Writer Seagle and artist Madureira present a vital storyline in Gambit’s historical tapestry, weaving in gripping dialogue and kinetically charged artwork that signals the explosiveness of this Gambit story. Culminating in one of the most heartbreaking moments in X-Men history, this story is arguably one of the White Devil’s best.

Gambit #24 (2001)

New Gambit Throttle Sound in Gambit #24

In the thrilling conclusion of the epic news about saga, Gambit #24 will reveal the motivations behind New Son’s plan for Gambit and its integral part of Gambit’s comic book history. Sparks will fly as Gambit finally faces the main antagonist that haunts him, and he realizes that the most dangerous enemies can come from within.

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Lauded writer Nicieza shines throughout the series, writing Gambit like few others can, constantly adding layers of depth to one of Marvel Comics‘ most chivalrous villains, and proving there’s rarely too much. good things. Sharing the same creative vision, the artist Paquette perfectly complements Nicieza’s verbiage with emotion and fluidity, stamping the news about essential scenario on the Bayou Bandit.

Gambit #10-12 (2005)

Gambit with a map in the background in Marvel Comics

Presenting an insightful revisit to Gambit’s past, the Has no fury The story begins with him breaking into the X-Mansion, galloping around post-zombie New Orleans, and dealing with Belladonna Bordeaux, ex-New Warrior Bandit, and ex-cop Tanaka in this outstanding tale. From imparting vital life lessons to preventing a nuclear attack, Gambit’s lineup of characters is showcased in this refreshing exhibit on the mercurial Cassanova.

Layman and Jeanty wrap up this Gambit run in style with a fast-paced story showing how Gambit’s tumultuous relationship with Belladonna has come full circle. While emphasizing his endearing quality in protecting those he truly cares about, this storyline is obligatory among Gambit’s prodigious host of narratives.

X-Men Origins: Gambit #1 (2009)

Gambit by throwing a card in Marvel Comics

A Modernized Origin for Gambit details the inner workings of the relationship between Jean-Luc Lebeau, leader of the Thieves Guild, and his son, Gambit. Deftly done through harsh rhetoric, the love and respect for his son is visibly apparent. It also features a callback to the tragedy of the arranged marriage to unite the guilds and the Marauders massacre of the Morlocks, cementing it as one of the best on Cajun.

Explicit action scenes communicate movement, conveying startling realism and bringing a tangible sense of emotion. Expertly presented via condensed chapters of Gambit’s life, this story recounts his relevant experiences leading up to his first appearance in Weird X-Men #266experiences that would haunt Gambit for most of its existence.

Deadpool vs. Gambit #1-5 (2016)

Gambit fighting Deadpool in Marvel Comics

Cajun Card Throwing and Merc with a Mouth must join forces in this dazzling heist story, where double and triple crosses abound. Appearances from Fat Cobra, Loki, the Marauders, and She-Hulk highlight a series filled with all the hijinks fans would suspect from such a personality-driven set. Unfortunately, the Nine Realms are in peril, and only DeadFist and his sidekick Gambit can save them.

Talented writers Acker and Blacker present an in-depth understanding of Gambit and dead Pool, with a natural cadence to their monologue, successfully blending sarcasm and humor in equal measure. When combined with Beirut’s light panels and cartoon-style visuals, Deadpool vs. Gambit gives Cajun fans a critical storyline, full of creativity and everything to remind fans why Gambit is such a likable character.

Rogue & Gambit #1-5 (2018)

Featuring the villainous Lavish, more doppelgangers than you can wave a stick at, explosive cards that launch Rogue, a super-powered flying Gambit, and electricity galore, The ring of fire The storyline offers an incendiary entry into Gambit’s best comedy storylines.

There’s arguably no better in-depth series on comics’ most unique and endearing relationship than The ring of fire. Creators Thompson, Perez and D’Armata take all the pivotal moments in their story and present them as a kaleidoscope of images, evoking a trip down memory lane for fans. This storyline offers the best footage from the past three decades of life, loss, and love between Gambit and Rogue, a must-read on Cajun.

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