Crunchyroll unveils its Persona 5 streetwear collection, featuring designs featuring Joker, Morgana, Ann and Futaba that are sure to steal the hearts of any fan.

For those unsure of what to get the Phantom Thieves fan in their life this holiday season, one of the new designs inspired by Persona 5: animation in the newly revealed Crunchyroll Loves streetwear collection, are sure to steal their hearts.

Crunchyroll’s in-house clothing brand, Crunchyroll Loves, has unveiled six limited-edition designs featuring several ghost thieves inspired by their appearances in the animated adaptation of the popular video game. The collection includes long and short sleeve t-shirts as well as sweatshirts all featuring characters from Persona 5, and pre-orders for the collection are currently live, but will only remain open until December 20. The collection is only available Crisp online shop.

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The collection features a black hoodie with resident Phantoms hacker Futaba on the back and his headphones on the front for $ 54.95, while an acid-washed long-sleeved shirt with Ann perfectly captures the fire. from Panther for 29.95. Fans of the mysterious Morgana, meanwhile, have a choice of a black long-sleeved shirt and a striped short-sleeved shirt, priced at $ 29.95 and $ 34.95, respectively. A black short-sleeved shirt with the protagonist Joker as well as a black anorak with the anime and Phantom Thieves logos are also available for $ 24.95 and $ 75.95, respectively.

Persona 5: animation is the latest franchise to collaborate with the streaming company’s clothing brand, as the Crunchyroll Loves streetwear collection for the hit dark fantasy series Jujutsu kaisen closed its pre-order window earlier this month. A trio of hoodies inspired by the main characters of Demon slayer was also recently offered by the brand, with pre-orders for these limited edition items also just coming to an end.

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Broadcast of 26 episodes between 2018 and 2019, Persona 5: animation adapts the highly acclaimed 2016 RPG, Persona 5. The anime covers the events of the original game and even includes Japanese and English actors reprising the roles of the main characters. Series composer Shoji Meguro also returns to provide the soundtrack, while original demon designs by game artist Kazuma Kaneko are also featured.

With the 2019 Persona 5 Royal update the original game with more characters, levels and story – not to mention last year’s spin-off, Persona 5 attackers – both helping to push the franchise past the 15 million copies sold worldwide, it seems CharacterThe popularity of will only grow in the years to come. In reality, Persona 5 has not only been adapted as an anime, but also as a live musical. A manga series titled Persona 5: Mission Momentos was also announced earlier this year, when the first volume of a three-part “side adventure” hits stores in December.

Persona 5: animation is currently available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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