the flash fans are really lucky. Not only do they have the CW TV show, which isn’t in the eighth season, but they also have a source material comic book series. If that wasn’t enough, The CW posted a link The Flash comic series titled “Earth Prime: The Flash”. In one of the recent issues, we saw a glimpse of the titular character’s future and a glimpse of some returning faces. Spoilers ahead for the final issue!

What is Earth-Prime: The Flash?

Picture: DC Comics

Earth-Prime: The Flash is a separate comic series from the original The Flash comic. While the original comic has its own continuity that is separate from the series, Earth-Prime: The Flash follows the canon of the TV show.

However, this comic book series does not take place at the same time as the TV show. Instead, it’s slightly ahead of the times and features a bunch of crossovers from other DC TV shows on The CW. As such, The Flash comicThe storylines of are different from the TV show. The show focused on the various dangers of Central City and the problems of weather sickness. However, the Earth Prime series delves into other issues.

So far we’ve seen what life in the 2040s is like for Arrow stars. We saw how things changed for Nora and Bart Allen going forward. Plus, we got a glimpse of the shocking return of a franchise character.

What happened to The Flash comic?

The Flash comic Picture: DC Comics

In this latest issue of The Flash comic, we saw the Allens attempt to fight a new enemy. His name is Will Parker and his alter ego is called Evil Eye. As you might have guessed, he has some particularly unique superpowers coming out of his eyes!

He is able to control people’s minds just by looking at them, which causes chaos among the Allens. They are determined to stop this evil figure by any means possible. So they team up with Kid Flash, real name Wally West, to stop him. Eventually, Wally helps the Allens to The Flash comic and gives them useful advice.

Fans of the TV show will recognize Wally from the show’s sixth season. When we last saw him, he came to Central City because he felt something bad was going on. Naturally, he ended up being right and successfully solving the problems facing the Speed ​​Force. This included a tense battle with Turtle II and resulted in Wally leaving Central City.

Will Wally return to Flash?

The Flash comic Image: The CW

When Wally left, he no longer had any superpowers, which was understandably pretty devastating. However, it gives us hope that we have seen it in The Flash comic in the future with superpowers. This means that, eventually, he is able to recover his powers. It’s unclear how he does this, as we saw on the TV show that he was busy in the “psychic plane” to help fight in the Godspeed War.

This appearance in the Earth Prime the comics make it pretty clear that Wally’s powers are restored, and that his efforts to find Zen also made him a better hero going forward. As for the TV series, it’s unclear if we’ll be seeing Wally again anytime soon, although the show will return for a ninth season next year, so anything is possible.

If that wasn’t enough, the secondary storyline for this issue of The Flash comic featured another surprising return – Dr. Polaris. He first entered The Green Lantern series in 1963 and was part of the first Suicide Squad. Unfortunately, the writers narrowed down his return to an appearance in the comics. One of the guards mentions Polaris as being on sublevel eight of ARGUS.

However, it may just be a match for what’s in store for The Flash comic. Maybe in a future issue we’ll see the full return of Dr. Polaris and a few other faces. Either way, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Allens and how they’ll deal with future threats against Central City.

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