Kim Jung Gi, one of the world’s greatest exponents and graphic designers of comics, passed away suddenly on October 3. The Korean comic book author, who was just 47, died of a heart attack. Beloved Kim’s family and friends announced his death through an official statement released on October 3-5.

Image via Docking Bay 93 on Flickr

This year, several illustrious names from the world of comics have also left this world. Among those who stand out are Tim Sale, George Pérez, Alan Grant, Tom Palmer and Lily Renée.

Kim Jung Gi dead at 47

Through an official statement, Kim Jung Gi’s family members expressed with deep regret on October 3 and 5 the physical departure of the Korean cartoonist. Likewise, they updated fans and the community on what happened, “It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you of the sudden passing of Kim Jung Gi. After completing his last program in Europe, Jung Gi went to the airport to fly to New York, where he experienced pain in his chest and was taken to a nearby hospital for surgery, but unfortunately, he passed away.

According to the statement, Kim Jung Gi died on his way to New York Comic-Con, by plane from Paris, France. While waiting, he began to experience severe pain in his chest and was immediately sent to the hospital. Despite this, having been transferred almost immediately to the emergency room of the nearest hospital and undergoing surgery, he failed to survive.

The statement posted on the cartoonist’s official social media accounts ends by saying, “After doing so much for us, you can now put down your brushes. Thank you, Jung Gi. Likewise, the family sent out an email where fans can send drawings or thank you notes.

The world knew Kim Jung Gi for his expansive works and precision, including the incredibly intricate landscapes, environments, and characters. Anyone who appreciates art in its various forms will remember him. After his sudden departure, Kim Jung Gi leaves a legacy that makes him worthy of recognition as one of the best cartoonists in the world for his skill and speed in composing drawings.

The legacy of one of the world’s greatest cartoonists

His ability to incorporate structures and decorative elements without the need for a preliminary sketch marked his career. Everything showed that the art flowed from his hands.

Kim Jung Gi is from South Korea, born in 1975 in Goyang – Si. When he was only 19 years old, he entered the Acadamy of Arts, making several comics in his native country. The website Comics Blogspecializing in drawings for comics, tells us that Jung Gi had the ability “to draw huge frescoes with his own hands at dizzying speed”.

Jung Gi’s specialty was live drawing, which inevitably amazed the audience. He won a guinness world record for “the longest volume drawing in the world”. Some of his most respected works can be found in six original sketchbooks, the first published in 2007 and the last in 2017. These contain approximately 4,500 pages of drawings made over 12 years.

Her long trajectory includes her time in various industries, such as music, film, and government. He has contributed significantly to several popular graphic novels and comics such as Heaven, Tiger the long tail, Third Humanity, and Spy Games. Famous Korean hip-hop artist Drunken Tiger has hired Kim Jung Gi to design his album cover. In addition, the designer has made significant collaborations with DC Comics and Marvel Comics on several occasions.

Its trajectory does not stop there; he was recognized for his videos telling the creations of his illustrations. This makes it worthy of wide recognition by all of us who love comics and appreciate this exemplary effort and dedication. Today we say goodbye to the master of drawing, Kim Jung Gi, who will be remembered for the degree of detail he captured, and a photographic memory that helped him develop his most important works.