As the DUNE film opens worldwide, Japan will also be bitten by the great sandworm when it hits the island nation on October 15. But before that, an illustration of THE PROMISED IMAGINARY LAND manga illustrator Posuka demizu released today for the Japanese release of the film and features the main characters of the Denis Villeneuve-a feature film directed, attracting the praise of the director.

DUNE director Denis Villeneuve said he was “really impressed” with the work, saying that “it is very meaningful to me that other artists can take inspiration from my work and incorporate it into theirs. I consider it a nice gift.” Speaking of the image itself, Villeneuve drew his eyes on the composition of the piece, “there is something so special about using gravity in such a dynamic way to enhance the drawing. I think it’s so special. is very beautiful and very poetic. “

DUNE opens in the US on October 22, having opened in much of the world before that date and on HBO Max the same day.

Source: BD Nathalie

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