In this hyper-adrenalized era of Marvel and manga, there’s a good chance there’s a kid in your life who’s a huge fan of comics. And often this obsession prompts many young people to pick up a pencil or a pen and start drawing their own versions of Batman, Spider Man, Where Naruto.

Some of these kids are going to be good. And a few will be really, really good. But while the popularity of Marvel movies and cartoons has put these mediums on the map, there is still a certain snobbery in formal art training on “kid stuff”.

The full set of Character Art Academy 2021 designs puts all high-level art ideas aside with training focused on what matters most to these up-and-coming creators: character building and character building. world.

The collection includes seven courses comprising almost 100 hours of intensive training on how to turn a character idea into a fleshed out, fully rendered icon. It starts with an anatomy class, making sure young artists have a full understanding of the human form from the skeleton, where all those exaggerated muscle groups will soon attach.

Then the heart of this package is a three-course in-depth dive focused specifically on character drawing. Throughout this training, Scott Harris – illustrator, painter and artistic director of the DAS: School of Art and Design – leads the course which explores everything aspiring artists need to know, whether they are absolute beginners or they are already reaching the intermediate level.

From the basics of drawing and sketching characters to drawing difficult places like lips, eyes, faces, etc., to digital painting, coloring or even using professional quality Copic markers, these courses cover everything.

There is also a Anime and Manga Character Drawing Course, which makes it possible to adapt these character rules to the hyper-stylized and almost surreal world of anime and manga.

Finally, while you can still focus on the characters and superheroes, there is still a world to be created – and that requires a lot of those traditional lessons that all artists need. The complete environmental drawing course explains how to draw landscapes, scenes, environments and interiors like a pro – and even how to approach real perspective without fear. There’s even a class here on how to do it all digitally, by drawing and painting on an iPad.

You can get the full set of 2021 Character Art Academy designs for your favorite young artists now on sale at over 90% off the regular price. With this offer, this training collection is available now for just over $ 4 per course at $ 29.99.

Prices subject to change.

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