Aiko Kotori’s manga adaptation of the anime sequel launched in October 2020

The February issue of Ichijinsha‘s Monthly comic zero sum magazine revealed on December 27 that Aiko Kotori’s film Tsukiuta. ANIMATION 2 The manga will end in the March issue of the magazine on January 28.

Kotori, who drew the manga adaptation for Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION, launched the manga in Monthly comic zero sum in October 2020. The manga adapts the Tsukiuta. ANIMATION 2 continuation of the Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION lively.

Tsukiuta. ANIMATION 2 premiered in October 2020 and had 13 episodes. The anime was originally scheduled to premiere in 2019, before being rescheduled to April 2020, then again to July 2020, and then again to October 2020. The anime featured new staff and a new studio. Funimation aired the anime when it aired in Japan.

Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION is the television anime in a CD series of original music and dramas about the anthropomorphized months. The franchise centers around the Tokyo Six Gravity idol unit (made up of characters representing December through May) and the rival sister unit Procellarum (made up of idols born in western Japan and portraying June through November).

The first season of TV anime premiered in Japan in July 2016. Funimation aired the series which aired in Japan and then released it on Blu-ray disc in September 2017.

The anime is part of a larger Tsukino Talent Production (TsukiPro) franchise.

Source: Monthly comic zero sum february issue