The geopolitics series hopes to educate people about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On February 24, as Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine and people tried to make sense of the situation, a little Twitter buzz started in Japan because of the chapters of manga If there is a conflict, call Hatta (Funso Deshitara, made by Hatta) which have been urgently made available free of charge.

If there is a conflict, call Hatta follows the work of Yuri Hatta, a globe-trotting geopolitical consultant who uses her skills of chisei (a portmanteau of the Japanese words for “knowledge” and “geopolitics”) to help defuse conflict between nations. And when she’s not solving complex diplomatic issues, she likes to relax and watch professional wrestling.

It was the second and third volumes of this manga that were released for free as in them Hatta travels to Kyiv at the request of her former college roommate to help defuse a potential crisis with Russia.

Although this is a fictional story, it is based on the real history between these countries as well as the rest of Eastern Europe. It also details many of the issues underlying the current situation and contains more informal anecdotes about Ukrainian culture, such as their traditional Broscht food, to keep people interested and help us better appreciate the region.

▼ The free release was suddenly announced via Twitter by the manga magazine.

The complete series has been published in the weekly Morning since 2019, but has moved to their online platform D-Morning, where new episodes continue. However, for a limited but indefinite period the entire Ukrainian arc can be read freely on the site Comic strip days immediately and without any registration.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in Japanese, but it’s all helpful when it comes to educating and providing insight into what’s going on. By getting as much information as possible, we can prepare for whatever happens next in this rapidly unfolding situation.

Source: Twitter/@morningmanga, Comic strip days
Top picture: Kodansha Comic Plus
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