Here’s how to beat Kirby’s rival, Marx, in Super Smash Bros. story mode. Nintendo Switch Ultimate, called the World of Light.

Marx returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and this time he’s one of the bosses players have to beat in the story mode. Marx has been a thorn in Kirby’s pink and spongy side since Super star Kirby. The SNES 1996 title Milky Way Wishes introduced Marx as an ally who enlisted Kirby’s help in stopping the war between the Sun and the Moon of the planet Popstar. But by summoning all the power of the stars, Marx revealed that he had deceived Kirby; he simply used it to summon Nova, a mighty wish-granting comet. Marx used his wish to transform into an almighty being with scaly, demonic wings.

Although Marx has more recently been seen as an ally in Kirby Star Allies, he returns to his misdeeds by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Cosmic Jester makes his appearance as a boss both in Classic Mode (only for certain characters) and in the World of Light, which is Super Smash Bros. Ultimatethe story mode of. A short cutscene shows her transformation from an adorable, unpretentious drop to a terrifying winged creature. Although his battle essentially writes him as a possible Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character, it’s still a lot of fun to see him in a Super Smash Bros. Game. And it’s even more fun to beat him.


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Marx is relatively simple Super Smash Bros. Ultimate boss compared to his World of Light cohorts, but it’s just as difficult. There is only one phase in his fight, and he cannot be stunned. So getting hits between each of his attacks should be a bit slower and more methodical. Use powerful antennas and if you are playing in “World of Light” equip yourself with a support spirit which adds damage to air attacks. Marx’s attacks are identical to those he uses in Super star kirby with a few exceptions. Instead of launching a slew of arrows, Marx has three new moves; he can make his eyes drop and bounce like bullets, he can shoot lasers from his eyes (like Master Hand), and he can retract his wings and spread veins on the battlefield.

The other movements of Marx in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are perfect representations of the final fight in his original game. He can teleport, drop seeds that grow in vines, throw crescent blades, and drop scoops of ice that spill onto the ground. These movements are more or less telegraphed and can be safely protected or dodged. The drop of ice is the most surprising, so be prepared to jump when it hits the ground. When Marx teleports, it opens a few free hits with no attack; take advantage of this time to lower a good part of your health bar.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Marx’s signature movement is the black hole. He splits his body in half and a giant void begins to suck the player into his center. If caught, it deals a massive amount of damage and has decent knockback even at low percentages. To avoid it, stay on the far edges of the stage and run in the opposite direction. Armor and dodge won’t help here; it is just a matter of surpassing the power of attraction of the black hole. Marx, like the rest of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bosses, it’s just undermining his health. You can get hit by a few attacks without worrying too much, so try not to tank Marx. Avoid the black hole, set up as many powerful antennas as possible, and Marx will join the Pantheon of Vanquished Spirits on your roster.

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