Vegeta may not have as many transformations as his Saiyan counterpart, Goku, but in a new viral fanart animation video, Vegeta looks pixel perfect!

In the popular anime and manga series called dragonball, Vegeta is a stock character who has more transformations than you can shake a Z-Warrior out of, and in a pixel-animated viral clip, all of Vegeta’s epic transformations are front and center for fans!

Shared on Reddit by the username u/ASPECT3000, this account specializes in creating pixel-perfect fanart of nerd properties fans know and love. Primarily dabbling in making art from the world of dragonballu/ASPECT3000 has also created DC Comics character sprites, Invincible, sonic the hedgehogand more, and always seems to end up producing pieces that successfully adapt these iconic heroes and villains into a medium that not only looks great, but elicits a kind of visual nostalgia not seen since the days of computer games of the end. 80s and early 90s.


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A fan favorite dragonball character introduced in the Dragon Ball Z series, Vegeta is a Z-Warrior who went from villain to hero, Saiyan Prince to Saiyan God, and arrogant selfish maniac to… slightly less arrogant selfish maniac, all in the name of getting more power, and of course, defeat his rival Kakarot aka Goku. Having the ability to command more than one superpowered state depending on the current situation, Vegeta’s pixelated makeover is the most inspired way to show them all off at once while impressing fans on an artistic level that’s hard to replicate. .

Starting things off with Vegeta throwing off his green coat seen during the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, u/ASPECT3000 animates Vegeta rising to Super Saiyan level, then immediately into Super Saiyan 2, crackling lightning bolts and all. Next showing Vegeta spinning freely in the air as he transitions into Super Saiyan God Mode, u/ASPECT3000 depicts Vegeta transitioning to Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Evolved, and finally, his most recent transition into his Ultra Ego form. But that’s not all! As a bonus, u/ASPECT3000 animates Vegeta transforming into the only form not yet shown in the clip, an evil but ultimately selfless version of the character dubbed Majin Vegeta!

So while it’s almost certain that Vegeta will get another transformation somewhere down the line, u/ASPECT3000 giving him a fun pixel fanart animation to show off what he’s already capable of is a treat for fans of the character to see. . Vegeta isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so expect u/ASPECT3000 to be there too to make some sweet pixel art out of it when it inevitably morphs into something more powerful than ever.