Vegeta has reached another level of power in the Dragon Ball universe with his Ultra Ego form, and in a fan animation he looks as tough as ever!

The ex-villain of dragonball celebrity, Vegetais a Z-Fighter of immeasurable power and pride, and now in an incredibly unique and utterly badass fan animation, the newest and most powerful form of the Prince of all Saiyans, Ultra Ego, gets his from !

Shared on Instagram by @bosslogic and @konceptochannel, these two digital artists specialize in creating one-of-a-kind works of art that show off their respective skills in a way their fans can truly appreciate. Focusing on everything from comics, video games, pop culture moments, anime, sports, and more, Bosslogic regularly releases unique artwork that showcases its skills as a creative spirit. Not to be outdone, @konceptochannel specializes in animation, from pulling off collaborations like this to uploading inventive 3D images and eye-catching animated clips.


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Having already shared their first collaboration in a post that portrays Goku in Ultra Instinct, this viral video focuses on Vegeta and his adjacent Ultra Instinct technique dubbed Ultra Ego. Reaching this form after harnessing the power of destruction, Vegeta gives himself a ridiculous boost in his abilities in addition to a look that this fan animation perfectly captures.

Depicting a slightly silhouetted Vegeta as he defiantly walks towards the screen through a cloud of dense smoke, the backing track builds until, in a flash and flash of rapid movement, Vegeta returns to the sight in a striking purple aura that shimmers with power and energy. Adding animated tendrils of dark energy and rippling electricity, Vegeta stands still in all his Ultra Ego glory, his throbbing aura being the last thing fans see as the clip fades.

The most recent addition to the ever-growing series of transformations Vegeta and Goku have undergone over the years, Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form has yet to be adapted into the Dragon Ball Super anime and is only briefly seen in the manga. Confirmed to have purple hair in an official piece of Dragon Ball Super art, Bosslogic and @konceptochannel nail this popular look using a black and purple color scheme which they then expertly amp up with incredibly animated electricity, an energy aura and even glowing eyes.

Vegeta and Goku continue to reach unheard-of levels of power in the dragonball Universe, with Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form acting as his toughest and most overpowered transformation yet. Hope @bosslogic and @konceptochannel decide to give it a shot VegetaThe other iconic Saiyan transformations because after seeing this one, fans are going to need it in their stream ASAP.

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