Your lie in April is a romantic manga illustrated and written by Naoshi Arakawa. It was serially published in Kodansha’s monthly magazine Shonen and has been adapted as an anime. Originally, it was a one-shot comic that Arakawa used to enter a contest. His inspirations were Beck and Nodame Cantabile.

The success of the manga and anime paved the way for the series to adapt the series into a live-action movie, musical, and even a play. Your lie in April Kosei Arima center. He lost the ability to hear the piano after the death of his mother. Unexpectedly, he meets Kaori Miyazono, a free-spirited violinist who has helped him play the piano again.

What is better? Anime or Manga?

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Your lie in April: which is better? Anime or Manga?

Before answering that, it is ideal that the differences between the two be established. The anime was based on the manga and stayed true to the main plot without additional original scenes. What manga readers would notice is that there are some minor scenes that weren’t adapted like when Kaori read a participant’s blog. Perhaps this is because the scene was not significant to the overall story.

While the manga is complete, with minor scenes, it lacked music and emotions. Because t speaks of a violinist and a pianist, it is expected that the pieces they would play will be mentioned. The anime brought them to life and gave viewers a chance to actually hear the music and feel the characters’ emotions.

The colors were also better in the anime than in the manga. At the start of the series, fans can see pastel colors as Kaori is related to the colors red, yellow, and pink. As his health deteriorated, the colors associated with him became dull and gray. This is not possible in the manga because the colors are black and white.

What is better then? The answer would depend on who verifies it. If the person prefers to read manga or wants to see even the minor scenes of the story, then manga is the perfect platform. But for those who prefer to see Kaori and Kosei in action and hear the songs from the series, then anime is the best medium. Either way, the two have the same plot but with different executions.

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