Sunday marks the 94th annual Academy Awards, and it’s probably the most controversial ceremony in recent memory, between attempts to shorten its length with pre-recorded speeches and the introduction of the Oscars Fan Favorite contest, which is widely seen as a attempt to flatter non-cinephiles. Perhaps the Academy wouldn’t feel the need to do this if it didn’t have an overwhelming fondness for live-action dramas in English over anything else – even movies based on non-superhero comics. do not seem to escape their narrow jurisdiction (personally, I have always been confused road to perdition wasn’t even nominated for Best Picture.)

Here’s a diverse selection of 20 great movies based on comics, graphic novels, and manga, and if your pick is missing, don’t worry, there’s a writing option too. So please tell us: should Black Panther triumphed green paper? Or do you wish we lived in a world where Akira won best film before The beauty and the Beast was nominated for the award? (Click here to be sure of your pick as well.) May all your favorites win on Sunday night and be sure to check the results on Monday.

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Christophe Chiu Tabet

Chris is the News Director of Multiversity Comics. Autistic London writer, he loves Tweeter and blog on Medium about his favorite movies, TV shows, books, music, and games, as well as history and religion. He is Lebanese/Chinese, although he does not speak Cantonese or Arabic.