Wolverine’s popular catchphrase “I’m the best at what I do..” has always had an air of intimidation, but his debut nerfs that implication.

One of the most popular members of the x-men is without doubt Wolverine due to his brutal personality, interesting origin story, and awesome powers. His mysterious past is another great aspect of the character, as is the implication that he wasn’t always a hero. An iconic phrase Wolverine utters across multiple forms of media is the classic, “I’m the best at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very enjoyable.“Fans have an idea of ​​what Logan is talking about, but no clear image is in their heads, only that Wolvie is referring to a dark and possibly deadly skill set. Well, in the very first comic that Wolverine appears in, he explicitly says what he’s the best at, which makes his catchphrase that much less intimidating, leaving fans scratching their heads as to what isn’t very pleasant. .


In The Incredible Hulk #181 by Len Wein and Herb Trimpe, Wolverine makes his comic book debut, hired by the government to fight and stop the Hulk by any means necessary. Hulk is in the middle of a battle with Wendigo, and Wolverine tricks Hulk into thinking they are friends by helping the Avenger fight off the furry beast. When Wolverine makes his intentions known, he also reveals to the Hulk what he is best at, which is why the Hulk initially has trouble catching the mutant mercenary. As Wolverine dodges the Hulk’s death grip, Logan says, “I’ll just keep moving, please, because moving is what I do best!

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Moving is the thing Wolverine does best. So when he says “I’m the best at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very pleasant,“Wolverine talks about moving. In context, it looks like it’s talking about his speed and ability to dodge attacks, but out of context, this catchphrase loses every ounce of intimidation it once carried. If Wolverine is best at moving, does that include moving to a new place to live? Or maybe dance moves? Maybe even a general random gyration; Wolverine is just the best at it. In fact, when you replace the haunting implication of its catchphrase with the actual act it refers to, it becomes quite hilarious. “I’m the best there is [moving] corn [moving] is not very nice.

It looks like Marvel Comics has done everything in its power to move Wolverine in a more brutal direction from his self-proclaimed best skill. In fact, Marvel even reworked Wolverine’s first encounter with the Hulk in the Ultimate Universe, altering it so that Wolverine is literally torn in two by the Hulk. In this universe, Wolverine is apparently not the best on the move, resulting in a much more violent interaction with the character that originally introduced Wolverine.

It’s clear that Wolverine has come a long way from what fans received when it debuted, with much darker and grittier storylines. Wolverine has been depicted performing assassination attempts, brutally dismantling entire groups of villains, and even gruesomely killing everyone in the group. x-men in an alternate future. Due to the character Wolverine has become, his best and seemingly not-so-nice skill was always supposed to be something intense and dark, but looking back at his first appearance, fans know he’s just talking about his seemingly insanely impressive movement skills. , manufacturing WolverineThe slogan is much less intimidating.

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